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To say that these are challenging times for business is an understatement.

On January 1, 2020, the word “pandemic” was barely in our vocabulary; by March, it had become our everyday reality. And while state and local governments nationwide continue to adjust parameters for business re-openings within their jurisdiction, individual companies everywhere struggle with how to stay afloat in an environment where day-to-day operations remain uncertain, supply chains are unpredictable and employees in all but essential positions are working from home.

Common sense might tell you that crossing state lines to relocate an established business or launch a new one in today’s unpredictable business environment is lunacy. And it would be wrong. There’s a good chance you’re already upside down on many things related to your business, so why not go all in? Take this opportunity to re-think your business model, adjust your priorities, make that cross-country move you’ve been contemplating. Don’t wait for better times. Do it now.

Take a lesson from 500 years’ worth of dreamers and doers who staked their fortunes and futures on Florida. They found success here; you can too. Florida has so much to offer your company — the right business climate, the right infrastructure, the right proximity to domestic and international markets, the right workforce, the right quality of life. And people here have proven they are resilient, not easily scared. If a Category 5 hurricane has never broken Floridians’ can-do spirit, do you honestly think COVID-19 will?

Florida is open for business. And we look forward to welcoming you home soon.

For specific information about how your business can become a part of Florida’s ongoing success story, call Enterprise Florida at (407) 956-5647.

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At A Glance

Civilian Labor Force

10.3 million
3rd largest in the U.S.

Total Personal Income

$1.1 trillion
4th highest in the U.S.


21.5 million
3rd largest in the U.S.

Gross Domestic Product

$1.1 trillion
4th largest in the U.S.

Per Capita Personal Income

2nd highest in the Southeast

For specific information about how your business can be a part of Florida’s success story, call Enterprise Florida at (407) 956-5647.