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How personalized medicine is revolutionizing healthcare in Florida and beyond

Aviv Clinic CEO Dave Globig, left, and Head of Marketing and Sales Dana Nemenyi 

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How personalized medicine is revolutionizing healthcare in Florida and beyond

Ron Stein | 7/17/2020

The future of healthcare just landed in Florida. This is a story about the ingenuity of Israeli technology and a partnership with the premier active adult community on planet earth. The combination is turning the central Florida heartland into a world-class medical destination and adding energy to the local economy.

People are living longer and as we age it’s “normal” to suffer from more and more ailments. That in turn affects quality of life and places an increasing burden on the healthcare ecosystem.

Why does it have to be that way?

Goldie Hawn, Academy Award winning actress and workout enthusiast, who’s in her 70s said, “There is no turning back the clock. So, the question in life becomes: What are you going to do while you’re here?”

Helping people get the most out of their life requires new tools and ways of thinking. That’s exactly what’s happening at the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood in The Villages, located in Wildwood.

“We’re delivering strategic solutions for patient-centered care, designed to improve the aging process by increasing cognitive and physical performance” said Dr. Shai Efrati, MD, founder and research director at the Sagol Center in Israel, part of a leading teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Tel Aviv, and now associated with The Villages Health. The realization of his vision is Aviv Clinic, the world’s largest hyperbaric oxygen therapy center.

Dr. Efrati had an idea while still in medical school. He believed that there isn’t enough actionable information for doctors on the front lines. And for patients, their medical records are just too hard to figure out. A new way to approach healthcare was needed; open source sharing of practical data on a massive scale, while keeping personal information confidential – along with a complete holistic program using the latest research, technology, and education all conceived and built around patients.

Fast forward to today. Located smack in the center of rolling hills, giant oak trees, and lots of agriculture, Aviv is offering a multi-faceted treatment program. Their therapies are designed to improve the aging process by increasing cognitive and physical performance.

Aviv has chosen the ideal setting. The Villages is home to more than 130,000 people and 75,000 golf carts spread across parts of three counties – Sumter, Lake and Marion – about 50 miles northwest of Orlando and 80 miles north of the Tampa Bay area.

“Villagers are very active and have long taken a proactive approach to their healthcare. This is the perfect place to open our first clinic in the US.”, said Dave Globig, CEO. “We want to change the world by giving people the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. Our goal is to help people live healthier lives by improving their aging experience”

That’s a bold goal! How are they doing that?

Dana Nemenyi, Head of Marketing and Sales at Aviv Clinic, gave me a tour of their new 30,000 square foot facility, which blew me away! There’s a medical lab, physical and brain testing labs, classrooms for education, and even a waiting area with a café.

Nemenyi told me that she joined Aviv to be a part of bringing cutting-edge healthcare to the US. “I love helping people and believe the total client-for-life philosophy will change lives.” She explained that Dr. Efrati created the concept of a personally and individually tailored protocol to enhance performance in the aging brain and body.

The heart of the program is evidence-based hyperbaric oxygen therapy coupled with a tech-enabled healthcare program. Clients go through an extensive health assessment, including comprehensive cognitive, physical and nutritional testing along with genetic sequencing to create a baseline and personalized plan.

Dive sessions come next. Aviv has state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy “suites” designed to be pressurized to two atmospheres, causing oxygen levels in the body’s tissues to rise to 10-15 times over that of what we normally experience. This is a well-established treatment for a variety of medical conditions affecting brain and physical health.

There are four suites, each seating fourteen people. Stepping inside reminded me of a first-class cabin on a sleek jet filled with innovative technology, and customizable seating. Plus, an iPad provides personalized cognitive training and interactive entertainment options too. Clients go through sixty sessions, or dives, of two hours each over twelve weeks.

Also, each client is fitted with a customized Aviv wearable device, worn throughout the day to collect millions of data points and connected to an Aviv mobile app. This allows Aviv to monitor vital stats and provide feedback real-time. At any time, clients can view assessment results and track progress using the app, as well as communicate with the Aviv healthcare team or schedule appointments.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Aviv clients are part of their family for a lifetime. They have access to physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as certified coaches such as registered dietitians.

What’s happening in The Villages, smack in the center of Florida, is nothing short of amazing. The multi-specialty Center for Advanced Healthcare facility that Aviv is part of is already attracting patients from all across Florida and beyond.

The innovation that’s occurring here even is remarkable. The coupling of health tech, big data, wireless telecom, custom wearables, and analytics is improving lives and leading to reduced healthcare costs. The result – more resilient lifestyles and increased life spans.

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Ron is the founder of FastPath Marketing and More Customers Academy. He works with tech-enabled companies, helping them find the fastest path to revenue with executive advising, business development coaching and consulting, as well as marketing and selling training. As an accomplished tech industry business leader and entrepreneur, Ron has served in top-level sales, marketing and business development roles ranging from emerging companies to global tech giants, including as the CEO of a venture-backed wireless startup. Ron is on the advisory board of the University of Florida’s two internationally recognized tech business incubators and writes a popular column on how to grow revenue in the award-winning Florida Trend business magazine. Learn more at www.FastPathMarketing.com. Ron can be reached at 727-642-4246 or by email.

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