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December 16, 2017
Chained Concepts - Crestview


Business Basics

Chained Concepts - Crestview

| 4/21/2016

Chained Concepts / Crestview
Bicycle sales and technical services

Miguel Davila had never worked in retail and, aside from a paper route, his only job has been military service. But this disabled veteran with the dream to own his own business knows cycling from years of riding; the rest he was determined to learn. Even while on active duty, Davila took business courses online and in college classrooms. His one-on-one meetings with Tom Hermanson at the University of West Florida SBDC about his business plan made the biggest difference. “Tom asked me a lot of questions, reviewed what I had done and showed me where I was about to go off track.” Davila used his revised business plan to impress a landlord and opened Chained Concepts in late 2014.

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