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How Having a Written Plan Plays Off

Billy Bishop - Top Flight Electric | Small Business Success Story

Passion + Planning = Success

Rob Olin - Estuary Oysters | Small Business Success Story

Too fast growth, too few funds

Brenda and Leon Clement - Midstate Caulking & Construction Services | Small Business Success Story

Battling the Bureaucracy

Ahmed Cruz - Globenet International | Small Business Success Story

Small Business Basics

Dream It ... Now Do It
Business Ownership

Plan It
Structure • Name • Location • Permits and Licenses • Labor Law • Taxes • Business Plan • Online Businesses

Fund It
Self-Financing • Loans • Targeted Financing • Private Investors • Crowdfunding • Grants

Secure It
Cybersecurity • Disaster Planning • Insuring Property, People, Ideas

Promote It
Branding • Media Choices • Budgeting

Grow It
Planning to Expand • Government Contracting • Exporting

Small Businesses Advice

Are you deriving any benefit from your company website?
Q: I have invested a lot of time and money developing our company website. However, to the best of my knowledge, I can't attribute one sale to this marketing tool. How do I turn our website into one that generates sales?
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Ron Stein on Sales and Marketing

The secret to selling a feature-rich product: Don't talk about the 'technology'
Even if the product or service you are selling is complex and full of whiz-bang features, be sure to speak to the specific outcomes and don't get mired in details, or you will bog the sale down.
[More from Ron Stein]

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