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How Gainesville is attracting entrepreneurs

A column by Ron Stein

Music Compound - Sarasota

Jenny Townsend’s passion for music gave her the idea to create a music lesson and jam space.

Javi's Salsa

Javier Nava, manufactures authentic handcrafted Mexican salsa, inspired by his mother's recipe.

Lulu's Ice Cream - Miami

Luisa Santos started her own nitrogen ice cream shop -- with some help from Florida SBDC.

Urban E Recycling - Tampa

After 25 years in the recycling business, Greg Rabinowitz joined Dell Funk to start a new company.

Small Business Basics

Starting Out
Business Ownership

Boost Innovation
Technology • Incubators • Technology Transfer • Licensing

Get Organized
Business Structure • Name • Permits • Location

Work the Plan
Business Plan Secrets

Protect Yourself
Insurance • Intellectual Property • Disaster Preparation • Cybersecurity

Follow the Laws
Labor Laws • Records and Accounting • Taxes

Growing Your Business

Equity Financing • Loans • Agency Partners • Crowdfunding • Grants

Branding • Advertising • Media • Online • PR • Measuring Results

Selling to Florida • Government Contracting • Exporting

Ron Stein on Sales and Marketing

Organize your critical milestones into bite-sized tasks (and quit multitasking!)
You know you need to eventually change the way you plan your work and get it done. If you already know, then you need to do it immediately. It's the only way to avoid disappointment and lot of finger pointing. It's the only way to grow a business.
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Small Businesses Advice

Tips for disaster planning
The important thing to note about planning for emergencies is that you are not going to know what is going to happen or when. Whether it is a hurricane, computer failure, unexpected demand or another major event, you will rarely have warning, but you can -- and must -- have a viable plan to address any challenge your business might face.
[More from Jerry Osteryoung]

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