May 29, 2023


Altering Fentanyl

INNOVATION A University of Florida professor and researchers from around the U.S. have found a way to make fentanyl less addictive. Although fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, helps people with severe... Read more »
Published on 4/25/2023

Home remedy

When Randy Gibson landed in Tampa General Hospital last year with sepsis and an E. coli liver infection, his doctors gave him a choice: He could remain in the hospital to get treated, or he could receive treatment at home. Gibson opted to go home. Read more »
Published on 4/24/2023

Healthy Return on Investment

When store owner Eugene Debs died in 2006, patrons of the corner grocery his family operated in downtown Jacksonville for 90 years lined the streets for his funeral cortege. They did the same for his brother, Nicholas Debs, the last operator of the store, when he died five years later. Read more »
Published on 4/1/2023

An Attack on Poverty

Florida's poverty rate is 13.1%, according to the U.S. Census. In the ZIP codes selected by Florida Blue parent company GuideWell for investments, poverty rates are as high as 32.1%. The Florida Chamber Foundation's Florida Scorecard reports nearly 800,000 Florida children (18.2%) live in poverty, a figure the chamber wants to see fall below 10% by 2030. Read more »
Published on 4/1/2023

Overcoming Obstacles

Physician Kelli Tice needs only to look back one generation in her family to understand the devastation wrought by health inequities: Her grandmother died young from a preventable disease. Read more »
Published on 4/1/2023

Building Healthier Communities One ZIP Code at a Time

Suzanne Pickett was caught by surprise at a baby shower she helped throw for Jacksonville residents in need of help last fall. The CEO of the Historic Eastside Community Development Corp. and other hosts had snacks and gift cards for about 40 new moms and mothers-to-be, and they crossed their fingers that so many would come. They were way off on the headcount. Read more »
Published on 4/1/2023

Virtually Recovered

Treatment for cardiac conditions doesn't end when a surgery or a procedure is complete. For most patients, rehabilitation is as important as the original intervention — yet nationwide, only a portion of the cardiac patients who need that service can access it. Read more »
Published on 2/28/2023

Time and Money Saver

Over the past couple of decades, cardiac CT scans have become a workhorse for evaluating people with chest pain. Read more »
Published on 2/28/2023

Last Resort

When patients undergo radiation treatments for cancer, oncologists take great care to spare the heart from radiation exposure because of the cardio-toxic effects it can have on the organ. But doctors at Orlando Health recently used targeted radiation therapy to treat a dangerous arrhythmia in one patient's heart. Read more »
Published on 2/28/2023

Change of Heart

Heart transplants are a last option for patients with end-stage heart failure, most often due to a heart that has become weaker over time, a blockage or a congenital cause. The number of people who need a heart transplant is increasing as those with heart failure live longer as a result of better treatment options, says Parag C. Patel, division chair of heart failure and transplantation at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Read more »
Published on 2/20/2023

Progress Report

When Adam de Jong went to college, he initially thought he might choose a career in sports medicine. It took a class in human anatomy to change his mind. Read more »
Published on 2/20/2023

Cancer and Cardiac

Hussein Rayatzadeh is a physician specializing in cardiology and cardio-oncology at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. He spoke with FLORIDA TREND about the challenges associated with treating cancer patients who also suffer from heart ailments. He gained expertise in cardio-oncology during a fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Read more »
Published on 2/20/2023

Do's and Don'ts

Health care does amazing things nowadays in treating heart ailments. But, says Jerry Estep, chair of the cardiology department at Cleveland Clinic Florida, the best approach is to avoid problems in the first place. “It all starts with prevention,” he says. Read more »
Published on 2/17/2023

Cannabis Connection

Miami cardiologist Claudia Martinez's research into heart health in people with HIV is getting a $2.3-million boost thanks to a federal grant that will allow her to assess real-world risks and benefits of cannabis use in a vulnerable population. Read more »
Published on 2/16/2023

AdventHealth's virtual RNs are helping battle burnout in the nursing profession

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a toll on the nursing profession, intensifying burnout and causing many nurses to leave the bedside. Read more »
Published on 12/31/2022

Baptist Health Care's $650-million Pensacola hospital to open next fall

In a recent interview with FLORIDA TREND, Mark Faulkner, president and CEO of Baptist Health Care, talked about BHC's $650-million hospital and 57-acre campus in Pensacola. Read more »
Published on 12/30/2022

Florida's hospital construction trend rises to meet population growth

In 2024, Jupiter Medical Center and UF Health hope to open a “neighborhood hospital” with an ER, inpatient beds, operating rooms and other services in Avenir, a new residential development in northwest Palm Beach County — another sign of a boomlet in hospital construction in Florida. Read more »
Published on 12/28/2022

NanoRAD takes on germs with powerful new non-toxic anti-microbial disinfectant

Three-year-old Orlando-based Kismet Technologies has developed a patent-pending nanotechnology called NanoRAD that aims to revolutionize infection control for the health care sector and other industries. Read more »
Published on 12/27/2022

Dr. Hyun Suh's new scarless surgery is a gamechanger for thyroid patients

Partial or complete removal of the thyroid, the butterfly-shaped organ in the lower front of the neck that controls a person's metabolism, is a common treatment for an array of conditions, including thyroid cancer, overactive thyroid and non-cancerous enlargement of the gland known as a goiter — but the cosmetic impact of the routine surgery can be life-altering for patients. Read more »
Published on 12/27/2022

All Children's Hospital's 2-day event helps boost morale of patients during the holidays

For the past 10 years, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg has staged All Kids' Wonderland, a two-day December event intended to brighten the holiday season for hospitalized children and their families. Read more »
Published on 12/21/2022

UF's YEAH high school partnership program helps foster young talent in health careers

UF Health Jacksonville is reaching out to prospective employees as early as high school. Since last year, the hospital has formed a partnership with Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts, a nearby magnet school, to select 25 students each year for its YEAH program — Youth Education for Advancing in Health. Read more »
Published on 12/7/2022

NCH Healthcare System is First in SW Florida to Offer Aquablation Therapy

The NCH Healthcare System is proud to announce that it is the first in Southwest Florida to offer Aquablation therapy. Read more »
Published on 12/5/2022

$3.6 million nursing program grants put UF on track to double enrollment by 2025

With $3.6 million in grants from the state, the University of Florida is hiring 20 faculty members at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to increase enrollment in its nursing programs. Read more »
Published on 11/30/2022

University of Miami partners with Chile to establish first official nurse practitioner program

Nurse practitioner was a foreign role in Chile — until a plea for help from the Chilean government. A rising number of cancer cases in that country sparked a collaboration between the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Read more »
Published on 11/30/2022

Keiser introduces two new nursing initiatives to include health challenges of women and Hispanics

Keiser University was already one of the largest producers of nurses in Florida when this year it launched two initiatives to work on some of the largest hurdles in health care: Providing specialty care to women and to address the specific challenges of Florida's growing Hispanic population. Read more »
Published on 11/28/2022

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Answering the call as a community's workforce

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