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New Fashion Trends in Gems & Jewels

Amanda Gizzi
Amanda Gizzi
The best place to spot jewelry trends, says Amanda Gizzi, spokeswoman for New York City’s Jewelry Information Center, is on the red carpet at celebrity functions. “We’re seeing people pulling away from the big-name designers and finding smaller, lesser-known ones they want to wear,” says Gizzi. A sample from several up-and-coming designers either based in Florida or marketing their designs here:

Fashion Color: Chocolate

» It’s the ‘in’ fashion color for winter in clothing as well as jewelry. While basic black can never be replaced, deep, chocolatey brown tones are coming close. Designers see the color as soft and romantic. They’re creating chocolate gold tones and using brown diamonds, brown gemstones and even brown pearls in their latest pieces.

Konstantino Sioulas necklace
ring by Konstantino SioulasAbove, Konstantino Sioulas necklace

At left, ring by Konstantino Sioulas

» Designer: Konstantino Sioulas, an Athens-born designer who combines the influences of his Greek heritage with modern style. This season look for his pieces using smoky quartz, an unusually colored, gem-quality, brown quartz stone. Part of the appeal, Sioulas says: Brown looks good on everyone.

» Prices: Ring, $455; necklace, $1,135

The Accessory: Cuff Links

» Both men and women are making a fashion statement with cuff links — and are wearing them for work and play. Pair a French cuff shirt (big now for both sexes) with jeans, designer loafers and a fun pair of gemstone cuff links for a fashion-forward look.

» Designer: Paris-born Robin Rotenier has hit the scene with a wide array of cuff links ranging from the traditional black onyx round to whimsical monkeys and martini glasses. He features several lines from sports to professions, Western, animals and corporate. Available in sterling silver and 18-karat white, yellow or rose gold, they’re fun and classy. Prices start at $235 for silver and $2,000 for 18-karat gold.

» Price: 18-karat gold monkey with emerald eyes, $2,950; silver, $395

» For Fun: Silk knot cuff links in a multitude of colors provide a color burst to a white shirt. Each knot slips through a cuff buttonhole — 100% silk, $65. Available at Neiman Marcus locations in Florida and online.

Robin Rotenier silver monkey Robin Rotenier silver monkey with emerald eyes cuff links

Maria Elena Uzcategui Above, Maria Elena Uzcategui
Below, Uzca 18-karat gold snake bangles
Uzca bangles

The Accessory: Bangles

» “If you don’t have this in your jewelry wardrobe, pick it up now,” says Gizzi. Bangles are back. Lots of them, mixing and matching metals, different widths and textures, with or without gemstones. When layering, wear an odd number.

» Designer: Venezuelan-born Maria Elena Uzcategui has designed a new line called Uzca. Uzcategui divides her time between Miami and Florence, Italy. Her style: Hand-crafted, rich minimalism with a lot of textured metals and features like a snake motif.

» Prices: 18-karat hammered rose and yellow gold bangles with white topaz, $4,975; 18-karat gold snake bangles with diamonds, $6,875, without diamonds, $6,625

Kamofie Designs necklace Kamofie Designs necklace

The Accessory: Medallions

» Medallions featuring crests, initials or symbols are the item for both men and women.

» Designer: Florida boutiques, including Luster in Ponte Vedra Beach and Marissa Collections in Naples, are beginning to pick up jewelry designed by Los Angeles-based Sofia Kaman, whose creations make up Kamofie Designs.

» Prices: 18-karat engraveable shields with diamond accents, $1,250 to $6,500; 18-karat Tresor medallions with rose-cut citrine and white topaz, $3,600 to $9,500

Jane Gordo Above, Jane Gordon
Below, necklace by Jane Gordon

necklace by Jane Gordon

Designer Spotlight: Jane Gordon

Jane A. Gordon has traveled from Europe to Azerbaijan to South Africa. She started out in commercial real estate, rode the dot-com wave until it crashed, then started her own corporate gift company, WishBrokers.com. Five years ago, she started a line of jewelry that’s carried by Saks Fifth Avenue online and at its Palm Beach Gardens store.

Her pieces have messages behind them. Her “Palm Beach” line features a gold bowl with diamonds tumbling out of it, signifying abundance, she says. Her designs are available as earrings, bracelets and as a pearl necklace enhancer. For the enhancer, prices start at $1,500 for non-tarnishing silver and $3,200 for 18-karat green gold.

Gordon recently designed a logo for the Palm Beach Club with a line of jewelry to go with it in gold, silver and diamonds and is working on expanding this concept of bundling a company’s logo with a line of jewelry.