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The Makings of a Medical City

A “medical city” in southeast Orlando will include a cluster of facilities for research, education, treatment and commerce. The site is part of the 7,000-acre Lake Nona development. Here’s how things are shaping up:

Medical City Orlando

1 - Town Center

2 - Nemours Children’s Hospital

3 - Veterans Affairs Medical Center

4 - UCF College of Medicine

5 - Burnham Institute for Medical Research

1» Town Center

Retail, residential, restaurants, office space and outpatient facilities to support the 600-acre science and technology park.

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2» Nemours Children’s Hospital

95-bed main structure plus a pediatric clinic, medical office buildings and two parking garages

When: Breaking ground first quarter of 2009; opening midyear 2012

Location: Next door to the town center

Size: 600,000 square feet on 60 acres

Cost: $400 million

Comforts: Basement that opens onto lakefront property surrounded by gardens, play space, sculptures and possibly an amphitheater and bicycle paths; two rooftop gardens

Employees: 1,200, including 50 new physicians

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3» Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Nona VA Medical

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic will move from its current location near Baldwin Park and add 134 in-patient beds.

When: Opening in 2012

Size: 1.1 million square feet on 65 acres

Project cost: $600 million

Employees: 2,000 to 2,500

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4» UCF College of Medicine

Nona UCF Biomed

UCF’s Health Sciences campus includes the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences building, which will be used primarily for research, and a classroom building.

When: The research building will open in March/April 2009; the classroom building in spring in 2010

Size: Research building, 199,269 square feet; classroom building, 171,021 square feet

Cost: Research building, $68 million; classroom building, $53.3 million

Employees: About 500, plus 100 students, by 2010

» M.D. Anderson Orlando Cancer Research Institute — It will occupy the fifth floor of the new UCF medical school building for up to five years until its own facility is constructed.

When: Move in next year

Size: 30,000 square feet

Cost: $2.5 million a year paid to UCF for up to five years

Employees: About 20, including 12 researchers

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5» Burnham Institute for Medical Research

Nona Burnham

Climate-controlled chemistry and biology labs, one wing for administration and a 250-seat auditorium

When: A topping-off ceremony was held in May; first occupants will move in next March

Size: 175,000 square feet

Cost: $367 million

Employees: 75, including nine scientists who are “principal investigators” at faculty level. Expected to grow to 120 by mid-2010, then 300 within seven years

» University of Florida Research Facility — A joint project with the Burnham, preliminary plans call for a 50,000-sq.-ft. building that will house research on diabetes, aging, genetics and cancer.

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