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For many years now, the cover story and main theme of our November issue has been dedicated to the topic of women in leadership. Throughout the year, we aim to provide some of the most robust coverage of all executives across the state, both male and female, in our monthly print issues, on our website (FloridaTrend.com), across our daily and weekly eNews alerts and via our weekly Business Beat newscast.

However, devoting the November issue to women leaders allows us the opportunity to single out a subset of Florida’s amazing executives and shine the spotlight on a select few, highlighting the significant contributions they make within their organizations and sectors and the impact they have in their communities, in their regions and across the state.

Our “Women in Leadership” section begins on page 60 — and I am sure you will be just as engaged and absorbed into the articles as I was when reading them for the first time.

Since our November issue showcases some of Florida’s amazing women business leaders, it seemed fitting to use this opportunity to highlight the amazing women leaders we have within FLORIDA TREND. If it were not for their incredible talent, focus, drive and dedication to their craft, the magazine would not be in the position of success that it is today.

Leading the editorial direction, vision and mission for FLORIDA TREND is Vickie Chachere, our executive editor. Amy Keller, our managing editor works hand in hand with Vickie to develop and execute on our editorial vision. Their collaboration and guidance over our editorial team and department has produced some of the finest issues that FLORIDA TREND has published.

Bringing all the pieces of the magazine together is Jill South, our director of production. Month in and month out, Jill leads the assembly of all the elements that turn into the final FLORIDA TREND product.

Ensuring FLORIDA TREND is in the hands of our loyal subscriber audience for both print and digital falls under the leadership of Bernadette Pace, our director of audience development. Bernadette, along with our audience development manager, Connie Greenblatt, oversee our fulfilment house relationship to safeguard against any circulation disruptions. FLORIDA TREND’s loyal, engaged and committed subscriber audience correlates directly to the focused and dedicated work that both Bernadette and Connie do each and every day.

Keeping FLORIDA TREND’s brand strong and its custom content feature sections fresh and informative falls on the shoulders of our marketing director, Anne Meyer. Anne’s watchful eye, critical attention to detail and keen organizational sense guarantees that our brand and specialty content sections are on point and on message.

Overseeing our financial obligations — budgeting, billing and invoicing is under the direction of Kristie Stotts, our business manager. Her watchful eye and observant business sense ensures our operation runs smoothly.

FLORIDA TREND is fortunate to have such talent across our departmental leadership. Our organization is solid, its foundation is strong and it continues on an upward growth trajectory. No doubt, due in large part to the outstanding women leaders (past, present and future) among FLORIDA TREND’s executive ranks.

— David G. Denor, Publisher ddenor@floridatrend.com