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A Career Worth Talking About

As an actress, you may not know Mauriett Chayeb’s face. But you - or your kids, actually - might know her voice. Mauriett has brought to life characters in such U.S. and international animated TV shows and movies as Anpanman, Topo Gigio, Space Dogs 3: Tropical Adventure, Treasure Trekkers, and Japanese anime series, Detective Conan Case Closed. Her latest - Goodbye Monster - was released in September.

A Miami-based voice actress, Mauriett credits her success in part to her bachelor’s in mass communication and a minor in gerontology from the University of South Florida. Both were made possible by her Bright Futures scholarship primarily funded by the Florida Lottery.

Mauriett knew from an early age that she would have to pay her own way through college. So she worked hard and earned solid grades and test scores. She was in the English and National Honor societies, was president of student government, and was even captain of her high school cheerleading squad.

It wasn’t until a high school guidance counselor handed her a Bright Futures brochure that Mauriett knew college was within reach. The scholarship paved the way for her to attend college. Once there, she learned to use cameras and lighting equipment and how to interview students, edit video, create graphics and produce her own news segments. She eventually was multimedia editor of the student newspaper, The Oracle.

Since graduating debt-free in 2010, Mauriett has worked for such studios as MTV Viacom, Paramount, Discovery Channel, VH1, Bravo, and HGTV, and a host of international studios. She even received Homeland Security and White House clearances for a Travel Channel show. In all, Mauriett’s voice has been dubbed into 20 movies and 40 different TV or streaming series in both English and Spanish.

Mauriett believes her success honors her family many of whom live abroad and have so little. It’s even a nod to her father, who has played the Florida Lottery for decades, and in some way, helped pay for her scholarship.

“He always pushed me to become an educated woman, so the Florida Lottery giving me the scholarship was a big honor for him,” she said. “I knew Bright Futures would have my back. It was something saying, ‘Grab my hand and let’s go.' I have college degrees - plural - that I earned with my own brain and wit.”


The Florida Lottery puts education in the spotlight with the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery is committed to helping students shine inside and outside of the classroom so they can have brighter tomorrows. Since 1988, the Florida Lottery has contributed billions to education and has sent more than 950,000 students to college on Bright Futures Scholarships.