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Dial-an-Expert, No Charge

Steven D. Rubin, a South Florida real estate attorney for more than four decades, jokes that he has a bright idea every 40 years. Several years back, he had the idea of connecting volunteer, board-certified specialist attorneys with legal aid staff attorneys in need of expert help on thorny client matters. In 2018, he and the Florida Bar Foundation created a Certified Lawyers on Call Service.

“That was my bright idea,” Rubin says.

This year, the Florida Bar recognized him, his bright idea and his service as the volunteer coordinator taking calls from legal aid staff attorneys and finding them expert help — along with recognizing his hundreds of hours of pro bono service to clients who can’t afford to hire a lawyer.

“I’ve always done pro bono service. It’s more than just a business,” Rubin says. “We’re giving back to the community. An attorney is supposed to do what an attorney can to help the system work."