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Education is the differentiator. It helps define who we are and what is important to us, while providing an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while uncovering new career paths and opportunities. Whether it is in the form of a technical degree, certificate program, micro-credentials, a traditional two- or four-year degree, a graduate degree or post-graduate studies, higher education provides the ladder to help individuals climb higher.

This issue of FLORIDA TREND includes our annual Florida Education Guide (page 82). Now in its fifth year, the Florida Education Guide provides you and your family with the knowledge needed to consider the many post-secondary educational opportunities available across Florida. We created the Education Guide as a trusted resource for comparing and contrasting Florida’s post-secondary educational options — large and small, public and private, rural and urban. We hope the information will help provide understanding and clarity on Florida’s many fine institutions of higher learning.

As you spend time with this month’s issue, you will want to make sure to check out our Economic Backbone section (page 14), which focuses on Florida’s finance sector. You’ll learn about some of the leaders shaping the financial landscape and acquisitions in the market. Our TopRank lists identify Florida’s largest investment banks and its 25 biggest bank holding companies. These features provide considerable economic perspectives in a year that carries some uncertainty amid national and global economic trends.

You also will not want to miss this month’s cover story (page 38). Associate Editor Laura Cassels looks at how Florida Blue and its parent company, GuideWell, are working to build healthier communities one ZIP code at a time. In this Health Care Landscape feature, we share how GuideWell’s chief health equity officer, Kelli Tice, and partner organizations are leading the charge against “unsustainable” health care costs by addressing longstanding challenges in the state’s poorest communities and working with residents to raise the standard of living for all.

Also in our Health Care Landscape coverage is a look at Florida hospitals using new technologies to take care of patients where many feel most comfortable — their homes (page 60). It is an interesting look at the evolution of health care and how new tools can improve the recovery experience while also helping to control skyrocketing costs.

Florida is growing in the size and scope of its population and business enterprise. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and insights that help you make informed decisions both in business and personally.

— David G. Denor, Publisher ddenor@floridatrend.com