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Who said that?

"Somehow, we convinced ourselves there was a market for it."

-- Scott Walker

Staring down an empty dead-end street, I press the gas to the floor. The Tesla engine makes an otherworldly hum, even more uncanny coming out of an antique British farm vehicle.

“It sounds like the future,” said Scott Walker, co-founder of ECD Automotive Design.

Founded in 2013, ECD creates high-end custom builds of classic British Jaguars and Land Rovers. In November, the company opened a 100,000-square-foot production facility off Poinciana Boulevard and invited the Orlando Sentinel to take a tour.

The company began over beers when co-founder Tom Humble came to a barbecue at Walker’s Davenport house in a Land Rover Defender. Both British immigrants to the country, Walker, Humble and his wife, Emily, began talking about their love for the Defender series. Humble had grown up near the factory where they were built.

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