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FCCC-CiviTek Finds Purpose in Enhancing Local Government

Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers and CiviTek

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At Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers (FCCC), a sense of purpose is baked into everything we do. At its core, the association supports good government.

FCCC is a statewide association made up of and guided by Florida’s 68 elected clerks of court and comptrollers, who share the common vision “to be recognized as the premier model of exceptional government.”

The association performs a wide range of administrative, advocacy, communications, educational, and technology services to equip clerks and comptrollers with the tools to carry out that vision.

Our teams have the unique opportunity — even a responsibility — to make a difference in how government functions. On a given day, our association can be seen developing world-class communications, coordinating statewide events, guiding best practices that often streamline operations, facilitating educational opportunities for its members, and more.

CiviTek serves as the technology arm of the association, providing cutting-edge technology services that increase convenience, improve efficiency, and allow government entities to grow with the needs of their communities.

From payment solutions that make it easier to do business to technical assistance programs, CiviTek’s technologies are built to deliver the best possible experience when interacting with local government. The sum of all our efforts is better government and a better Florida, and that gives our organization true purpose.


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