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Tampa Strategy Firm Omni Public Partners with Vogue Business in Tech Coverage

TAMPA – Omni Public, a public affairs and communications strategy firm carving out an international presence in the innovation community, has announced a partnership with Vogue Business to support the iconic magazine’s online news site covering the intersection of technology, fashion and culture.

The deal was announced by Omni founder and CEO Cesar R. Hernandez this week, saying the partnership connects the downtown Tampa-headquartered firm to a new global audience on the digital platform and in an exclusive Vogue Business-Omni Public newsletter.

“For nearly 130 years, the Vogue brand has reinvented itself, connecting deeply and authentically with generations of people,” said Hernandez, who serves as managing director of the firm he founded in 2018. Since then, the firm has branched out into operations in Florida, New York City and more recently into Great Britain where it works with accelerators in technology entrepreneurship and innovation in London and Oxford.

Locally, Omni Public has worked with tech accelerator Tampa Bay Wave, innovation community convener Synapse, and fast-rising startups such as virtual reality health care training company Immertec.

Hernandez, a former University of South Florida student body president whose story of leaving the gang-infested streets of Brooklyn to become a community leader and entrepreneur in Tampa has itself attracted national coverage, has built the Omni team from a collection of veteran journalists, former public officials and early-career communications and marketing professionals. They will support journalism led by Vogue Senior Sustainability Editor Rachel Cernansky, Senior Innovation Editor Maghan McDowell and Sustainability Editor Bella Webb on the effort, launched in 2019 from publisher Condé Nast offices in London.