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In Good Company

Many states compete to attract new business, but few can match the scale and scope of Florida’s industry assets. Boasting competitive costs, a large and well-trained workforce, superior global connectivity and ready proximity to wide-ranging markets, Florida has a proven record of success in these key industries:

Life Sciences

No. 2 largest medical device manufacturing industry in the U.S.

No. 3 most clinical trials initiated among the states

$1.5 bil. spent annually in life sciences R&D by Florida universities

Cutting-edge breakthroughs in medical treatment, pharmaceutical development and biotech research happen almost every day in Florida thanks to the presence of such industry leaders as Actavis, Arthrex, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic and a university system committed to pursuing life sciences R&D.

Aviation & Aerospace

No. 2 aviation & aerospace establishments

No. 2 aerospace products & parts manufacturing

$7.2 bil. annual exports annually by aviation and aerospace businesses

Long recognized as the world’s premier gateway to space, Florida remains the undisputed air traffic hub for the Western Hemisphere, a major center for flight training and MRO and home to dozens of aircraft and aviation/aerospace component manufacturers. And now, having celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, NASA and a host of commercial partners are looking to the future: a return to the moon by 2024 and an eventual mission to Mars.

Corporate Headquarters

1st best tax climate in the Southeast

4th best tax climate nationwide

2nd best state for business

0% personal income tax

Corporate headquarters are naturally drawn to Florida for its highly favorable business climate, which includes a low corporate tax burden, no personal income tax and modern infrastructure. More than 300 international companies have established a presence here.

Financial & Professional Services

No. 3 largest insurance industry in the U.S.

No. 3 largest financial services industry in the U.S.

A diversified economic structure has fueled Florida’s ability to become a true global player in the provision of high value-added services in finance, insurance, engineering, accounting and consulting.

From the first day that FIS called this city home, Jacksonville has been a true partner in our ability to attract a world-class workforce and achieve our growth goals. We would like to thank Governor DeSantis, Mayor Curry, and the many others in the state, the city and the community who have made this possible. We also want to thank Florida Blue for its cooperation in selling us the land for this project. This is an exciting day for FIS as we deepen our commitment to the Jacksonville community and continue our global mission to advance the way the world pays, banks and invests.

Gary Norcross / Chairman, President and CEO / FIS


Defense & Homeland Security

No. 2 space and defense systems manufacturing

No. 5 Department of Defense contract awards

As home to 20 major military installations, three unified combat commands and some 22,000 defense-related companies, Florida’s military and defense industry exerts an $95 billion annual economic impact statewide. From satellites to encryption technologies, Florida companies are at the leading edge of all major military and government markets.

Logisitics & Distribution

No. 1 air cargo with Latin America and the Caribbean

No. 2 largest Foreign Trade Zone network in the U.S.

No. 3 largest cluster of logistics & distribution establishments in the U.S.

As a leading international trade center and home to an extensive multimodal transportation system, Florida excels at moving people, products and services anywhere fast. Most key global shipping lines and airline alliances (including specialized cargo operators), 3PLs and VALs have a presence in Florida.

Clean Technology

No. 2 state for solar jobs

Recognizing the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy, Floridians are hard at work finding ways to build a leading clean technology hub by harnessing two of this state’s greatest assets — sunshine and ocean currents.


No. 2 future job growth

Florida’s 20,000+ manufacturers produce a wide variety of goods, including aerospace products and parts, boats, batteries, communications equipment, food and beverages, plastics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and textiles.

We are excited about our corporate expansion into Florida and anticipate a bright future for us and the city of Port St. Lucie. We hope bringing 125 new jobs by 2021 to Port St. Lucie during these difficult economic times will be a catalyst for other companies to do the same.

Tim Cummings / CFO / Accel


Information Technology

No. 1 high-tech employment in the Southeast

No. 3 most fiber miles among states (61,000+)

Since birthing the IBM PC in Boca Raton nearly four decades ago, Florida has remained at the forefront of IT innovation. With more than 34,000 high-tech companies in residence, this state’s IT strengths are wide ranging — from computer systems design to modeling, simulation and training.

We are excited about our corporate expansion into Florida and anticipate a bright future for us and the city of Port St. Lucie. We hope bringing 125 new jobs by 2021 to Port St. Lucie during these difficult economic times will be a catalyst for other companies to do the same.

Sergio Heker / CEO / GLESE