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Collaboration yields results

The power of public/private partnerships never ceases to amaze me. One such venture took centerstage right here in our own back yard recently — the incredible teamwork of SpaceX and NASA. Their feat to launch astronauts from American soil to the International Space Station was nothing short of spectacular.

The collaboration with NASA validates SpaceX’s crew transportation system, launch pad, rocket, spacecraft and operational capabilities while permitting NASA astronauts to test the spacecraft systems in orbit.

The SpaceX/NASA venture, along with other — albeit less grandiose — public/private projects around Florida, proves that this kind of teamwork can drive innovation, advancements, productivity and efficiencies in all endeavors.

I’m confident that partnerships such as the SpaceX/NASA collaboration will continue to prove how important these government/ business relationships are to Florida’s development.

Florida’s 350 Biggest Companies

Speaking of business, this issue includes our annual list of Florida’s 350 biggest public and private companies. It’s an interesting look at the state’s largest players, ranked by revenue and showing year-over-year revenue growth.

The Law Issue

The July issue is also our annual legal issue. This year, we look at one of the nation’s top civil rights attorneys, Tallahassee-based Ben Crump, the avalanche of lawsuits surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the state’s business courts and the Florida Bar’s new president, Dori Foster-Morales.

Our 17th annual Legal Elite section highlights the attorneys chosen for highest honors by their peers. This year’s list includes 1,071 attorneys across various legal disciplines.

Some statistics that I thought you’d find interesting:

Honorees represent fewer than 1.4% of all practicing Florida attorneys — quite a prestigious group.

Attorneys are from 582 firms who practice in 71 Florida cities.

The average age of recognized attorneys is 51.

The average number of years they have been practicing is nearly 24.

28% of Legal Elite attorneys are women.

Of the 221 first-time honorees this year, 35% are women.

A total of 108 law schools were represented. The following five Florida schools graduated 66% of the 2020 honorees: The University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law; the University of Miami School of Law; Stetson University College of Law; Florida State University College of Law; and Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center.

The cities with the most honorees are Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville Orlando and Tallahassee.

Community Portrait

This month, our community portrait spotlights Northwest Florida. From education to health care, technology and defense, workforce and urban resurgence, Northwest Florida is transforming, evolving and becoming a bigger driver of economic opportunity. Check out this special section

— David Denor, Publisher


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