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New trailblazing model from Revology Cars – the world's first reproduction original Mustang coupe

Never afraid of a challenge, Revology Cars’ latest project, a reproduction 1965 Mustang Coupe, has broken new ground.

The coupe was by far the most popular of the three vintage Mustang body styles, so it has been somewhat overlooked by collectors who favor the less common fastback and convertible.  In fact, many coupes have been converted into fastbacks and convertibles.  However, the owner of this car wanted a coupe; specifically, he wanted his coupe, the one he had owned since college.  Trouble is, the car he owned all these years was pretty much a basket case.  Enter Revology.

As Revology Cars production supervisor Harley Venema explains, the company that supplies Revology with body shells does not make coupe bodies. So Revology started with a convertible body and built the coupe using the inner roof structure from the client’s original Mustang, together with new outer coupe panels.

“This may be the first time anyone has ever built a coupe from a convertible body,” says Venema.  “Using the convertible body shell is an advantage because of extra inner rocker reinforcement and underbody seat pans reinforcement. 

Revology Cars Senior Body Technician Rob Lacy adds: “However, the complexity of the build process was incorporating convertible body and coupe components into one structure, to make sure those really work together.  Not only the body side, but also interior wise, we had to make major adjustments to interior rear panels as most of the panels were not made for coupe.

The buyer of Revology Cars’ latest creation has specified an exterior color in Vintage Burgundy, with a full Nappa leather interior in black for a stunning combination.

Under the skin, the coupe is similar mechanically to the convertible and shares the same 5.0-liter Ford ‘Coyote’ gen 3 V-8 delivering a mighty 460hp to the rear wheels, in this case via a six-speed manual transmission. A twin-disc clutch, 33-spline rear axle, and Shelby brake package with large 12.88” discs and 6-piston calipers completes the coupe’s mechanical specification.

“It is rewarding for us to build cars that hold special meaning for our clients,” says Tom Scarpello, Revology’s founder and CEO.  “To date we have delivered almost 40 cars, and we already have five clients who are repeat buyers.  This shows that what we do is very meaningful to a very select audience.”