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Thursday's Afternoon Update

Climate change is going to cost Florida a lot of money

For the state of Florida, adapting to climate change is going to be complicated, revolutionary and very, very expensive. But so far at least, Tallahassee hasn’t invested much in protecting the most vulnerable state in the nation from rising seas. No one knows exactly how much it will cost to adapt the Sunshine State to a warming world. The only certainty is the projects won’t be cheap. More from the Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald.

Fifty years after Apollo, NASA is moving quickly to return to the moon. But will it work?

Fifty years ago, a Saturn V rocket stood at Kennedy Space Center, the towering result of a multibillion-dollar development process, hundreds of thousands of workers and years of planning. Today, there is no launch vehicle piercing the horizon at Florida's spaceport capable of taking humans back to the lunar surface. But despite the lack of a similar "iterative" process, NASA has been tasked with returning humans to the lunar surface by 2024. More from Florida Today.

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JoAnn Morgan

» Florida Icon: JoAnn Morgan:
NASA aerospace engineer, first woman senior executive at Kennedy Space Center, New Smyrna Beach; age 77

Morgan told Florida Trend in 2018: "The Apollo 11 launch was the first launch that I stayed in the firing room all the way through liftoff. I had moments when I felt like a goldfish in a bowl, even though I was surrounded by people. It was 500 men and me."

Can orange juice help your mood? Florida's struggling citrus industry wants to know

Amid ongoing struggles in Florida's citrus industry, the Department of Citrus appears to be turning attention to studying orange juice consumption. The department said Tuesday it is looking for three separate studies that would assess various aspects of orange juice consumption, including how it can affect people’s moods when drinking it as a snack. More from WLRN and WJXT.

'Spark to a forest fire': Immokalee Airport's master plan could expand the area's economy

Immokalee’s economy may soon get a spark. Millions of dollars in state and federal incentives are set to transform Immokalee Regional Airport into a magnet for fresh development: manufacturing plants, private hangars and storage warehouses, among them. A new array of jobs will open for Immokalee residents in their backyard, quietly expanding Immokalee’s agriculture-based economy as development shifts east in Collier County. More from the Fort Myers News-Press.

DeLand church pays off $7.2 million in medical debt for 6,500 struggling Central Floridians

In the coming weeks, some 6,500 people in five Central Florida counties will get a letter in the mail telling them the crippling medical debt they owe has been paid off, no strings attached. It’s not a scam. It’s an act of faith worth $7.2 million to the struggling families. More from the Orlando Sentinel.

Out of the Box
Carnival Cruise Line to collect your used soaps, give them to the poor

 Carnival Cruise Line stateroom attendants now have an extra duty — collecting your used soaps to give to people in developing countries. The cruise line announced Wednesday a new partnership with an Orlando-based organization, Clean the World, that aims to collect, sanitize, melt down and reprocess nearly 40 tons of discarded soap each year.

» See the announcement here and read more  from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


Dan Gillooly

floridaDan Gillooly shows off the bamboo outside his log cabin in Dade City. It was part of Thanos’ garden in the Avengers movies. And bamboo isn’t the only living souvenir Gillooly has from working as a Hollywood greens coordinator. There are azaleas from Big Fish, palm trees from Pain & Gain, a cactus from Guardians of Galaxy.

» Read more from the Tampa Bay Times.