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Space Florida: Driving Florida's Aerospace Future

Florida is well-positioned to dominate the future of the aerospace industry and lead the world in enabling space commerce and innovation.

There is a growing recognition within the global aerospace industry that Florida has the kind of business operating and living environment that next-generation aerospace companies need to thrive.

Space Florida is endowed with statutory powers that enable a unique financing toolkit to support new and expanding aerospace companies.

Florida is well on its way to becoming the world’s premier space transportation hub. Space Florida’s focus for the next decade is to build the capacity of all Florida Spaceports, including the Cape Canaveral Spaceport, with new infrastructure, and to empower a new commercial future, one that serves space exploration, national security and space commerce. Florida’s Spaceport System is poised to lead the world in this next space era.

Florida’s Spaceport System is poised to lead the world in this next space era, one that reflects the transition from a government-led and focused industry to a thriving commercial market.

Florida’s Aerospace Industry

Number of Companies
8.3% Growth 2013-2018

Number of Employees
3.5% Growth 2013-2018

Sales / Revenues
$19,187 million
2.0% Growth 2013-2018

Source: National Establishment Time Series Database analyzed by Florida State University Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis

Space Florida’s
Significant Assisted Projects
2013 – 2018

Capital Accelerator
SpaceFlorida partners with the Florida Venture Forum in holding two to three events annually, where early stage aerospace companies receive intensive coaching and present to investors.
Boca Raton • Gainesville • Melbourne

Space Florida Financing
Toolkit Space Florida is authorized by Florida law to offer a conduit debt financing structure, which enables aerospace companies to defer and defray costs associated with expanding or relocating to Florida.
Bowling Green • Jacksonville • Kennedy Space Center • Melbourne • Panama City • Rockledge • Tampa

Florida – Israel Innovation Partnership
Now in its sixth year, Space Florida and the Israel Innovation Authority provide $2 million annually in competitive grants to support joint aerospace commercialization
projects by teams of for-profit Florida and Israeli companies.
Daytona Beach • Jacksonville • Kennedy Space Center • Melbourne • Merritt Island • Tallahassee

Spaceport Infrastructure Funding
In partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation, Space Florida provides reimbursable grants to support development and refurbishment of critical infrastructure in the State’s FAA licensed spaceports.
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station • Cecil Spaceport • Exploration Park • Kennedy Space Center

Space Florida, the State’s aerospace and spaceport development authority,was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, investment, exploration and commerce.