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Florida students again among top nationally on AP exams

Florida students again among top nationally on AP exams

Florida’s aggressive support of students taking college-level Advanced Placement courses and exams, which can yield college credits, continues to generate strong results. For the most recent year, the College Board reports that 31.7 percent of high school seniors graduated having scored a 3 or higher (considered passing) on at least one AP exam. Only Massachusetts and Connecticut had higher percentages, and just barely. More from the Tampa Bay Times, the Orlando Sentinel, and WGCU.

Updated study shows value of Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

On a day Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated his plans to eliminate the waiting list for one of Florida’s private-school scholarship programs, the Urban Institute issued a report detailing the successes of another. Researchers issued an update to their 2017 report, which showed that children who receive tax credit scholarships were more likely to attend public college in Florida than their peers in the same demographic group who remained in their neighborhood schools. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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UF researcher finds link between common food poison toxin and colorectal cancer

University of Florida researchers have found a link between colorectal cancer in mice and the most commonly reported bacterial cause of food poisoning in the United States. The study was published in the journal Gut this month and is featured as its cover story. [Source: UF News]

Will Florida abolish the Common Core? (Spoiler alert: probably not)

Newly-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced last week that he will, via executive order, remove every "vestige" of Common Core from the state. Unless he changes his announced plan, he probably won't. Florida schools live and die by the results of the FSA, and they will continue to teach to that test, the Common Core infused test, regardless of what the standards say. [Source: Forbes]

Esports helps pay for Florida college student’s tuition

Scholarships cover football, basketball and now — video games. Esports, or electronic sports, are helping new age athletes pay for college. League of Legends is a video game that Twenty year old college sophomore Joshua Morgan is able to now cash in on. He receives a scholarship from Florida Southern College in Lakeland to play on one of their four varsity e-sports teams. [Source: ]


› Florida Coastal School of Law seeking nonprofit status from American Bar Association
Florida Coastal School of Law announced Tuesday it is pursuing permission to become a nonprofit law school. If the application is approved by the American Bar Association, it will be an independent school with its own governing board and no longer be owned by the InfiLaw System of schools, which are for-profit.

› U.S. Department of Education designates UCF as a 'Hispanic Serving Institution'
The U.S. Department of Education this week officially designated the University of Central Florida as a Hispanic Serving Institution, paving the way for the university to compete for federal funding opportunities to improve the educational experience of Hispanic and low-income students.

› Florida county to shutter schools due to Hurricane Michael
A Florida county suffering a population drop after being hit hard by Hurricane Michael has voted in favor of temporarily closing three elementary schools. The Bay County School Board voted Tuesday to close the schools due to hurricane damage and enrollment drops.

› Sarasota’s Summer Learning Academies yield gains
Sarasota County’s Summer Learning Academies are paying off. According to test results released recently by the Sarasota County School District, the 541 students who attended at least half of the summer academic program increased their reading test scores when they returned to school in the fall.