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Monday's Afternoon Update

Make no mistake, Florida’s recount results were historic

A 12-day recount process in Florida ultimately failed to change the outcome of three statewide races. But make no mistake, the result of this ballot scrutiny was historic. For starters, this election marked the first time the Florida vote was close enough to send three statewide races—U.S. Senate, Governor and Agriculture Commissioner—to a machine recount. More from Florida Politics.

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Small Business Advice
You'll get more work done when you 'delegate up'

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Ron Stein

Traditionally, delegation implies the transfer of authority and the associated responsibility by a superior to their subordinate. Yet, if you don’t have anyone reporting to you or can’t afford to hire more staff you can still delegate. Go beyond the idea of delegating “down” to people who report to you. Delegate up. Delegate to people outside of your company. Delegate to coworkers. Read Ron Stein's full column here.

Magic Leap giving up to $500,000 in grants to developers who use the company's first product

Plantation-based, mixed-reality startup Magic Leap is offering $20,000 to $500,000 in grants to developers who want to bring their “creative vision to life” using the company’s first product, Magic Leap One. Developers have until Dec. 15 to apply. More from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Income growth slower in Southwest Florida than rest of nation

Folks who live in Southwest Florida apparently have to work a little harder to keep up with the Joneses in the rest of the country. Income growth for local residents failed to keep pace with the rest of the nation last year, according to a report released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. More from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Severity of toxic red tide tests Florida's resources for rescued manatees

With red tide blooms still creeping along areas of the state’s west coast in high concentrations, there has been little let-up in the pressure on the marine parks, zoos and aquariums that continue to respond to the crisis a year after its outbreak. More from the Guardian.

Uber is joining forces with taxis in deal with Orlando's Mears

 It seemed like an unimaginable proposition: The county’s ride-sharing giant, Uber, and one of the Southeast’s largest taxi companies, Mears Transportation, joining forces to form the first-ever partnership between such direct competitors in the United States. Yet, over the past several months, the former foes turned friends have managed to do just that.

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Florida 500
Bill Herrle

floridaBill Herrle, Florida Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, says: “I saw the steel recession in Pittsburgh as a child and saw what happens to a community when the economy and business fails."

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