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Supporting Growth

To say that Florida is a great place to do business is neither idle boast nor fluke. Nationally recognized publications and think tanks consistently place this state among the nation’s top tier for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to relocate and thrive.

1st Best Tax Climate in the Southeast

4th Best Tax Climate Nationwide

Zero Personal Income Tax

If you are considering a move, consider this: For the past three years, TaxFoundation.org has ranked Florida’s tax climate No. 1 in the Southeast and No. 4 nationwide. In 2018, Chief Executive magazine named Florida the nation’s No. 2 Best State for Business for the seventh consecutive year.

And, for female entrepreneurs in particular, there’s more good news. Florida is No. 2 among all U.S. states for growth in women-owned businesses over the past 20 years. According to a study by American Express OPEN, the number of women-owned companies in Florida jumped from 388,000 in 1997 to just over 1 million in 2017.

This kind of success is no accident. Florida has worked hard to position itself as an economic development powerhouse. If you still think of Florida as simply a nice place to vacation (which, of course, it is!), take a look at the advantages awaiting your business in the Sunshine State:

Florida’s government and economic development leaders work closely to ensure that this state’s business climate remains favorable to companies of all sizes and configuration — from multinational corporate headquarters with hundreds of employees to hometown, two-person startups. Some 2,800 burdensome regulations have been cut across the board in recent years.

Tax Structure
Business dollars simply go further in Florida for two reasons: low corporate taxes and zero personal income tax. And thanks to a history of responsible spending decisions, Florida has earned the highest available bond rating — AAA. Businesses thrive here and so do employees who enjoy a bit of extra money in their pockets.

Florida’s businesses need certainty, predictability and efficiency in government regulations. That’s why regulatory agencies and local governments here stand ready to provide quicker, less costly and more predictable permitting processes.

Bring your business to Florida, you will never have to go it alone. A wealth of people and resources awaits you here. Among the opportunities: one-on-one counseling at more than 40 Small Business Development Centers; low-cost space and business services at dozens of high-tech incubators, accelerators and university-based research parks; customized workforce training; and ready access to funding through venture capital companies, financial institutions and federal and state programs.