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Florida looks to boost college-to-university pipeline

Florida looks to boost college-to-university pipeline

Data, presented last week to the Florida Board of Governors, showed that more students from state and community colleges could be moving into universities, where they could earn bachelor’s degrees that would likely correlate with higher earnings over their lifetimes. More from WUSF and the Ocala Star Banner.

Teaching gap narrows as Florida certifies more instructors

The teaching gap is narrowing as Florida is issuing more teaching certificates and the number of active professionals is increasing. Instructors are also finding better workplace options, with “D” and “F” rated schools on the decline across the state. [Source: Miami Today]

It's a Google and Amazon world. And a group of Miami students are taking steps to work there

Tech is work and work is tech. And a group of Miami kids don't want to be left out when it comes to a job. They may still be in high school, but hundreds of students from disadvantaged homes are in boot camp this summer. They're learning coding and app development — and about the jobs they can pursue after graduation. [Source: Miami Herald]

Exam shows nearly half of Florida kids entering kindergarten aren't ready

Half of kids entering kindergarten in Florida aren't prepared, the state says. Less than 54-percent of students who took the Department of Education's readiness test in August 2017 passed. That's an 18-percent drop from the last kindergarten assessment in 2013 -- which was ditched for being too easy. More from WTSP and WJXT.

University of Florida researcher trying to find healthier beef

Dr. Raluca Mateescu leads a team of researchers in the Animal Genetics and Genomics lab at the University of Florida. She and her team recently presented their latest research findings to the Florida Cattleman’s Association, and we're going to explore she’s been studying. [Source: ]


› Computers off the list during upcoming Florida back-to-school tax holiday
Expensive computers are once again off the list of tax-free items Floridians can buy during the annual back-to-school sales tax holiday. On Aug. 3-5, consumers will pay zero state and local option taxes on hundreds of items, from clothes and shoes ($60 or less) to school supplies ($15 or less).

› The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale closes
The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Argosy University of Sarasota are closing in a decision that is leaving hundreds of students in Florida displaced. The Los Angeles-based parent company -- which plans to close 30 locations nationwide -- released a statement saying active students should continue to attend class as scheduled.

› Florida Coastal loses TRO motion after Legal Ed Section stays some remedial actions
A federal judge has denied Florida Coastal School of Law”s motion seeking to prohibit an American Bar Association accreditation requirement that the school post public notice on its website about being out of compliance with various standards.

› Hope scholarships begin with funding delay
While the Hope Scholarship program, approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott earlier this year, begins with the new school year, there will not be any funds for the program until sometime after Oct. 1.