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60 Years of Florida Trend

Florida has changed a lot in 60 years — and so has this magazine. In 1958, Florida’s population was 4.5 million. Florida Trend was just getting off the ground under founder Harris Mullen. Since then, the state’s population has swelled to 21 million, and Florida Trend has changed ownership and moved from Tampa to St. Petersburg. Read about the changes Florida has undergone in the past 60 years and the trends that will shape the decades ahead.

1958 vs. 2018
Politics, demographics, the economy and headlines.

Some employees have been with their companies from the beginning.

Florida Today
What Florida looks like today — the ZIP codes most/least like Florida overall.

Future Florida
Perspectives on the future.

Five trends that will shape Florida.

People to Watch
Six Floridians to keep an eye on.

What Florida Does Well
The odd news makes the headlines, but the state excels in important areas.

A Florida Icon
He started three Fortune 500 companies — all from Florida.