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Health-care workers lament stingy pay, benefits

Health-care workers lament stingy pay, benefits

Florida’s labor market seemingly is firing on all cylinders. Workers in many fields find robust demand for their services. That’s not the case for low-wage workers in health care and other industries, however. [Source: Palm Beach Post]

The South Florida Hospital War. (It’s all location, location, location)

If there isn’t an all-out hospital war in South Florida, it certainly seems to be getting close to it as hospitals accelerate the trend of developing outpatient centers throughout the region — often providing urgent care to millennials and others who don't have established relationships with doctors. [Source: Miami Herald]

After Parkland, admissions to mental health treatment centers in Florida spike

In recent years, doctors and psychologists have detected a new pattern: Children’s crisis centers brim with new patients in the aftermath of a school shooting. In the week following the Valentine’s Day shooting spree on the Parkland campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, admissions of children to mental health treatment centers in Florida have spiked, professionals say. [Source: Times/Herald]

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Florida House declares pornography a health risk

Pornography is being declared a health risk by the Florida Legislature. The state's House of Representatives approved the resolution by a voice vote Tuesday, despite some members asking why the topic is being taken up at this time. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FOX News, and USA Today.

Florida health program money won't hit projections

Gov. Rick Scott last year bragged that the Trump administration had agreed to steer $1.5 billion in supplemental Medicaid funding to the state, saying at the time the money will “truly improve the quality and access to health care for our most vulnerable populations.” [Source: WLRN]


› Feds' kickback complaint against Florida pharmacy snags L.A. equity firm
The Department of Justice has accused a Florida pharmacy — and the Los Angeles private equity firm that owns it — of bilking a military healthcare program out of millions of dollars by pushing unneeded vitamins and creams.

› New cap in use in Florida improves survival rates in Glioblastoma patients
Doctors in Florida are using a special skull cap called Optune and electricity to treat patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. Optune uses low intensity, electric current to slow the growth of rapidly multiplying cancer cells.

› GuideWell adds health care facilities in Winter Haven, Lake Mary
GuideWell Health is expanding and diversifying its footprint in Central Florida, establishing a medical center and a primary-care facility. GuideWell Primary Care in Winter Haven is run in partnership with Orlando Family Physicians.

› Florida arrests pediatrician for using partial vaccine doses
A Florida pediatrician has been arrested for giving partial doses of vaccines to children. The Florida Department of Health says in a statement that about 500 patients of Dr. Ishrat Sohail may have been affected. The agency is working to notify those families to consider revaccinating their children.