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Are Florida doctors prepared to treat patients with medical marijuana?

Are Florida doctors prepared to treat patients with medical marijuana?

Some patients are finding themselves in the unsettling position of being in the examining room with physicians who seem tentative, unable to speak with much authority about medical marijuana. One issue may be the state course, which doesn't go into great detail about dosages, common side effects and other information doctors should have when recommending the substance to patients. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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» Florida nursing home denies use of medical marijuana by chronic pain patient

What's behind the 45% hike in unsubsidized Obamacare premiums?

The 44.7 percent average premium increases for unsubsidized Affordable Care Act health policies announced last month have been blamed on uncertainty surrounding the law and funding mechanisms for it. But more directly, that hike was driven by a Florida Office of Insurance Regulation directive this summer. Full story from WMFE, here. Also read more at the Fort Myers News-Press.

Veterans health program proposed for Florida

Saying Florida has the “infrastructure and capacity to serve the health care needs of our veteran community,” Sen. Rene Garcia (R-Hialeah) proposed a program that would allow veterans to tap into the state Medicaid managed-care system as an alternative to the federal Veterans Health Administration system. See SB 440, as filed for the 2018 legislative session, here. Also read more at Health News Florida.

CHIP funding has expired, but Florida families shouldn't worry. Yet.

Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program has expired, but that shouldn’t affect Florida — for now. That’s the message from health advocates, lawmakers and nonprofits in charge of administering the federal funds. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Florida Hospital used telemedicine during Irma

Waterlogged, under curfew or without power, consumers in need of routine health care were in a tough spot during the days immediately before and after Hurricane Irma’s arrival. Some health providers used the opportunity to lean on telehealth services as a part of their disaster response. [Source: Daily Commercial]


› Florida docs told to screen storm evacuees from islands for illness and monkey bites
Anticipating a wave of hurricane migrants from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida health officials are advising doctors and others caring for evacuees to look out for health risks associated with the aftermath of storms.

› Employees laid off at Florida nursing home where residents died after Hurricane Irma
A Broward County nursing home that had 12 patients die after Hurricane Irma has laid off 245 workers. The facility was evacuated last month, several days after the storm damaged the electric transformer that powered the facility's air conditioning.

› USF sending doctors to Puerto Rico, hosting island's displaced medical students
They practice medicine in the relative comfort of Tampa, but a dozen University of South Florida doctors who are headed soon to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico have experience at helping out in crises overseas.

› New adult medical care model expands to Sarasota
At a new medical practice that opened Friday in Sarasota, the patient’s user experience has been conceived to feel more like a casual drop-in at an Apple computer store in the mall.

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