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A day in the working life of Florida

Florida Trend looked at the main economic sectors that drive Florida’s economy — how many jobs they account for, their economic heft and some snapshots of workers in various sectors and the trends that are affecting what they do every day.

Every Day in Florida...

An average of 400-plus jobs are created.


More than 118,000 passengers arrive on commercial airlines, and another 7,900 arrive on general aviation aircraft.


Florida gains 1,060 residents.


About 145 new businesses open. Slightly more than three-fourths of them will survive more than a year.


Construction begins on about 150 homes … and some 840 homes are sold.


Florida retailers sell about $1 billion in taxable goods.

Railroad companies move 320,822 tons of freight. … Ships move 270,411 tons of freight at Florida’s seaports … Airlines transport 7,287 tons of cargo at Florida’s airports. Cargo


Vehicles travel 551 million miles on Florida’s public roads.


Florida’s utilities produce 1.48 trillion BTUs of power.


1.1 million gallons of beer, 211,232 gallons of wine and 112,054 gallons of spirits are sold.


Companies make $278 million in goods.

3,416 square feet of retail space are completed.



More than $74,000 worth of ornamental fish are sold.

oil and gas

6,118 barrels of crude oil and 58.6 million cubic feet of natural gas are pumped from Florida wells..


Companies mine more than 48,000 tons of phosphate rock.