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Design trends in real estate development

What design changes are coming to new Florida development?


Jonathan Cardello
Senior principal / ADD/Stantec

“We’re seeing a trend toward six- and seven-star resorts. We believe we’re going to see several of those brands coming into the market in 2016 and 2017. We’re seeing a strong push toward branded residences. From the design perspective, everything is about the guest experience and the intimacy of that. People want spaces that are warm and that they can use and not the stark white spaces anymore. It’s really a space that’s a used space. On the exteriors there’s a sophisticating of the ground-level retail experience going on. We’re getting a generation that’s much more mobile, social, getting out.”


Pat Bosch
Design Director / Perkins+Will

“Florida is in a unique position to be a global leader on resiliency issues. We're constantly faced with design challenges associated with water and energy conservancy, and I find that today, the most innovative work involves the application of problem-solving related to stormwater management, hurricane preparedness and energy efficiencies. Each project we design engages a humanistic approach, inclusive of the latest Miami Beach developments, higher learning facilities and health care facilities. Our end goal is to make communities better places to live in and to promote responsible development with the highest level of public benefit.”


Alberto Alfonso
President / Alfonso Architects

“My brother Carlos and I are involved in both sides of development. He’s primarily in development while I handle the day-to-day architecture responsibilities. He is currently working with two large corporate office users who are looking for large open “Google” environments that are adaptable to change and able to nurture interaction in the culture through the architecture. The hospitality market is leading the new economic boom cycle. With information so readily available, consumers are looking for a much more individual, boutique, lifestyle experience when they travel. The new hotel is smart in its technology, with a strong emphasis on a local food and beverage lifestyle experience.”