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Monday's Afternoon Update

Winners and losers in Florida's $77 billion budget plan

In his proposed budget for next year, Gov. Rick Scott has emphasized several goals: restoring the Everglades, improving charter schools and strengthening public safety. Increased spending in some categories means scaling back in others. Read more and see an interactive chart at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida Business
Tick tock, tick tock: It's time to set boundaries

No matter if you lead a big company or a small, there’s one thing we all have in common. It’s time -- or seemingly, the lack of it. Running a business is stressful enough. The feeling that you’re constantly short of time to accomplish your goals only multiplies the pressure. More from Ron Stein.

Will small businesses embrace 3D printing?

Small Business Exporting
Beyond Hit or Miss

Hoping that distributing products globally would help his Pompano Beach manufacturer SurfaceLogix better ride out U.S. economic fluctuations, John Daly began working with a consultant from the Florida Small Business Development Center Network in Fort Lauderdaleto develop a way to more aggressively market his company’s products internationally.

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As much as we've heard about 3D printing in recent years, for many Americans, the fundamentals still feel inaccessible, even mythical. So take this for what you will: 3D printing's time has finally come. And it may be small businesses that lead the way in its mass adoption. More at the The Week.

10,000 Small Businesses at Miami Dade College

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at Miami Dade College, launched to help companies grow and create jobs, is barely a year old, but already it has graduated 73 small business owners in South Florida. Another 80 to 100 will likely go through the program this year. More at the Miami Herald.

Small Business Advice
What business problem keeps you up at night?

Entrepreneurs and leaders are constantly worrying. Ask any entrepreneur you know what is keeping them up at night, and almost without exception, they will say they worry about new technology eliminating their business. More from Ron Stein.

Out of the Box

pickleball It seems there are two types of people in the world: those who know about pickleball, and those who don't. But the number who know about the sport — and are getting on the courts and playing — is quickly increasing. It's been called the fastest-growing sport in America. Because pickleball is low-impact but gets the heart rate going, it's becoming especially popular with the 50-and-up crowd.

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