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Advertising & Marketing - CEO Sounding Board

Linda Gonzalez
President / Viva - Miami

“We’re really going to see a jump in the use of mobile and digital media. There will be more emphasis on how to use it effectively and get return. The industry is still trying to figure that out, but everybody wants to be there. I think in Florida we’ll see more advertising and marketing activity directed to Latin America because of its growth and the growth in the foreseeable future of Latin America’s middle class. And multicultural: A new America is here. We’ll see a lot of brands clamoring to better understand the Hispanic consumer and other multicultural groups as well. They’ll move beyond the one-size-fits-all.”


Cheryl Miller
Principal, CEO / At The Table Public Relations - Tampa

“Our clients want more for less. They want to receive better results, period. Our clients understand that reaching the female demographic is key to a lot of campaigns we’re working on. A lot of our clients are beginning to look for one-stop shopping whereas in the past they might have an advertising agency, a PR agency, a social media firm. Social media is definitely one of the hottest trends. It’s such a huge driver for public relations.”


Joe Zubizarreta
COO / Zubi Advertising - Miami

“A lot of clients are looking for more efficiencies to find ways to get more out of their investments. A positive trend is how much more open-minded clients are to testing different consumer touch points. On the downside, everybody’s being asked to get more for less. Programs that are being developed are still requiring the internal investments of time and resources. The expectation that we can develop these programs with less of a cost to them is difficult. We have to work with a certain overhead level. Social and mobile are the hottest things going right now. Mobile is still very far away from being precisely utilized in its capacity.”