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Top 10 Reasons to Do Business in Florida

1. Leadership
Florida has a robust base of technology- driven businesses, with 19,838 high-tech companies employing 265,484 high-tech/high-skill workers, plus a significant and growing presence in many new economy sectors.

2. Global Gateway
Florida is the strategic and economic center of the Americas. Geographic location, economic clout and political stability combine to make Florida the center of trade and finance throughout the Western Hemisphere. Florida's international trade grew to $95.3 billion in 2005, thanks, in part, to a multicultural, multilingual workforce that is skilled in facilitating international commerce.

3. Entrepreneurial Environment
The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving in Florida. Home to the Disney/SBA National Entrepreneur Center, Florida hosts a variety of tech incubators, accelerators and university- based research hubs that make it possible for business and academia to partner for the purpose of bringing new discoveries to market. In addition, Florida ranks high in new business formation and small business survival, indicators of a policy environment that values entrepreneurship.

4. World Connectivity
Florida's connections to the world run deep, both literally and figuratively. Florida has one of the world's most extensive multimodal transportation systems, with 20 major airports, 14 deepwater shipping ports, extensive highway and rail networks and Kennedy Space Center's unique Spaceport. And with multiple hubs that allow for high-speed data, voice and video transmission from around the U.S. to Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, Florida is truly "wired for success."

5. Business Climate
Florida demonstrates its commitment to business with incentives for job creation, investment and training as well as for locating in rural and urban sites, Enterprise Zones and brownfields. The state also provides expedited permitting services and assistance in accessing enterprise bonds, micro-loans and venture capital.

6. Workforce Talent
As the fourth most populous state, Florida offers a diverse, skilled and available workforce. Florida's universities and community colleges annually send out into the workforce several thousand high quality graduates who are eager to make a difference. State-sponsored workforce training programs make skills training for the demands of new economy jobs readily available to new and experienced workers.

7. Business-Friendly Government
Florida's state and local governments have made many of the most vital business functions easily accessible online. A pro-business, pro-technology agenda is assured, thanks to continuing communication between legislators and key business sector associations, including Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance, BioFlorida, Florida Defense Alliance, ITFlorida, Florida Space Authority and many others.

8. Quality of Life
A spectacular climate and 300-plus days of sunshine each year, combined with outstanding cultural amenities and economic opportunity, have helped Florida repeatedly earn top rankings in Harris Poll's "most desirable places to live." Already the world's number one travel destination, Florida is the natural choice for permanent residence among its many visitors who "play here, then stay here."

9. Visionary Development
More than any other state, Florida's economic development goals and initiatives have been developed and embraced as part of a statewide vision. Economic development organizations regularly combine forces to help existing and prospective businesses find the right location(s) to match their needs.

10. Growth Economy
While some regions struggle simply to maintain the status quo, Florida's economic engine surges forward. The longtime leader among all states in job creation, Florida boasts the fourth largest gross state product in the nation.