March 23, 2023

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The Ripple Effect of Workplace Culture

A well-defined organizational culture is essential to building a quality workforce, service offering, and stakeholder relationships. Common benefits include increased retention, productivity, reputation, and team member satisfaction. In addition to those benefits, a well-crafted workplace culture can be the catalyst for lasting societal impact — effectively helping to strengthen relationships, communities, and the overall quality of life for many people. Today, many employees are looking to engage with organizations that deliver beyond their operations to have a positive societal impact. This level of mission-driven culture building is sought out by employees, customers, and partners alike.

While many organizations build their workplace cultures based on values, employers have an opportunity to go above and beyond to attract top talent, supporters, and likeminded patrons. That means identifying and nurturing your organization’s unique differentiators: What are the passions or motivators that make your organization an employer or brand of choice? These are likely intangibles.

In the case of Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), our culture had a life of its own for years that developed organically. Recently, we worked to assess what made our organization tick and then we named it: Care. We realized that caring for our students and healthcare partners came so naturally for our faculty and team members that a “culture of care” was truly our cornerstone. We were living and breathing care, and it encompassed how we engaged with partners and students.

At UMA, we believe that care is “the other half of education.” This requires taking a holistic view of the student journey, including their total life circumstances — from work and family demands The Ripple Effect of Workplace Culture By: Thomas Rametta President, Ultimate Medical Academy to medical or other personal challenges — and providing the support needed to focus on their education and meet their career goals. Care is what makes UMA’s education whole.

By experiencing care at UMA, our graduates go on to extend that care where they work, resulting in a “Ripple Effect of Care.” When our students accomplish their dreams, the impact can often be felt throughout their families and communities. Think of the “Ripple Effect” as concentric circles radiating from the institution. UMA cares for its team members, team members care for students, and students care for their employers — our healthcare partners and the patients they serve. Together, this effect multiplies over time.

A workplace culture that lives its values can bring people together, create opportunities for stakeholders, and nourish a diverse and inclusive organization. To create this culture, organizations should look at the values that its team members currently exemplify, specifically, those that are organic in daily interactions and work execution. By building an authentic, purpose-led culture, organizations can contribute to the long-term strength of their communities through the behaviors and actions that team members will surely carry with them outside of work.

Workplace culture highlights an organization’s uniqueness, and UMA’s culture of care reflects our commitment to team members, students, graduates, healthcare partners and the communities we serve. Culture is a living breathing concept that is experienced beyond an organization’s doors. All organizations — private, government, academic, and non-profit — are part of larger community ecosystems, and workplace cultures have impact. Working collectively with that in mind, organizations can help to build a better society for all.

Thomas Rametta is President of Ultimate Medical Academy, where he leads UMA’s mission to equip and empower students to excel in healthcare careers. His work includes developing a diverse, talented team to support students throughout their academic and career journey, ensuring the institution operates responsibly and always champions student outcomes.

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