December 10, 2022

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Trademarks or Service Marks

| 5/9/2022

To apply for a Florida trademark or service mark, mail one original and one photocopy of an Application for the Registration of a Trademark or Service Mark, three specimens or facsimiles (examples) of the mark and a check payable to the Florida Department of State for the appropriate amount.

The application must contain:

  • The name and business address of the applicant and state whether the applicant is an individual, a corporation, a limited partnership, a general partnership or other business entity. If the applicant is a business entity, include the entity’s domicile state, the Florida registration number and federal Employer Identification Number.
  • If filing a service mark application, list the services for which the mark is used in connection. For example: restaurant services, real estate sales, insurance sales, etc.
    If filing a trademark application, list the goods or products for which the mark is used in connection. For example: window cleaner, furniture polish, shoes, etc.
  • List how the mark is being used. If a trademark, tell how the mark is applied to the goods or products. For example: as a label, decal, or by engraving or imprinting on the goods. If a service mark, tell how the mark is used in advertising. For example: newspaper advertisements, brochures, business cards, etc.
  • List the applicable class(es).
  • The date the mark was first used anywhere and the date the mark was first used in Florida.
    The mark to be registered. If the mark includes a design, include a brief description. If a mark includes a word or design that must be disclaimed, applicants must include a disclaimer statement. All geographical terms and representations of cities, states or countries must be disclaimed (i.e., Miami, Orlando, Florida, the design of the state of Florida, the design of the United States of America, etc.). Commonly used words, including corporate suffixes, must also be disclaimed. If your mark includes a word or a design that is commonly used by others, the state of Florida cannot grant you the exclusive right to use the word or design and will require you to complete a disclaimer statement.
  • The dated and notarized signature of the applicant or person authorized to sign and the signer’s title.


Federal Registration Tips

Trademark or service mark registrations filed with the Florida Department of State are state government level registrations. They do not replace registrations with the federal government. Florida registrations are good for five years beginning with the date of registration.

To obtain information about federal registration, contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C., 571.272.1000, or on the web at For information regarding copyrights, contact the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, 202.707.3000, or on the web at

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