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September 20, 2018

50 Years of Golden Spoon Awards

Florida's Best Places to Dine - The Future

Restaurants will be serving up more liquid meals and ethnic foods.

Chris Sherman | 11/27/2017


The casualization and rustification of dining is most obvious in Asian foods once considered pristine and precious. New Asian small-plate restaurants now specialize in the ramen and izakaya of working-class Japanese, Vietnamese banh mi, Thai satay and the street food of Malaysian markets like Hawkers, which now has four locations.


Harissa and Fenugreek

Diners and chefs will explore more ethnic foods from Africa and the Middle East through Central Asia and Korea for new flavors and techniques. Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for instance, ranges from black-eyed pea fritters to pomegranate chicken.


Not So Much

Some ideas pushed by trend-mongers will get frustratingly few bites. No-tipping policies will work at the very high and low end, but in most restaurants, diners want to keep prices lower and keep tips at their discretion. Likewise, communal tables seem cool but are second choice for most diners; sitting at the counter will prove more popular.

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