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October 21, 2018

50 Years of Golden Spoon Awards

Florida's Best Places to Dine - The Future

Restaurants will be serving up more liquid meals and ethnic foods.

Chris Sherman | 11/27/2017

High Tech

For chefs and restaurateurs, technology goes beyond appetizers and tabletop iPads to the hard stuff. Even cooks playing with fire will use high-end grills from Japan and Spain. Smart kitchens will have blast chillers, Pacojet ice cream makers, nitrogen, dry ice and dehydrators, convection and induction ovens. Three-D printers and designers will make mobile pop-ups like the Cucuyo restaurant constructed entirely from 3-D printers at the Perez Art Gallery in Miami.


Little Sweethearts

The avalanches of doughnuts, cronuts and cupcakes has spurred more entrepreneurs to zero in on sweet treats like milkshakes at Vicky’s House (Miami) and popsicles at Hyppo (locations from St. Petersburg to St. Augustine). A menu of cookie-dough treats at Dough Nation (Tampa) is run by and for a homeless ministry.



We will eat our way deeper into the cuisines we know broadly. Italian is more than north and south; taste Sardinia in Sarasota and Venice at Ristorante Acqua Alta in Clearwater. Catalonia has pronounced flavors distinct from Spain at NIU Kitchen in Miami. Latin cooking will lose its monolithic reputation as we delight in Salvadoran pupusas and Uruguayan chivitos.

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