April 7, 2020

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Florida's Best Places to Dine - The Future

Restaurants will be serving up more liquid meals and ethnic foods.

Chris Sherman | 11/27/2017

Liquid Diet

We will drink more of our meals as traditional meal times lose relevance. Our days and refrigerators will be filled with fork-free lattes, smoothies, kombuchas, craft ales, stouts and $15 craft-bourbon Manhattans. Many restaurants will serve more small plates and drinks than entrees.


Party Time

Since Millennials stay home binge watching, smart restaurants will strive to make dining more fun and sociable. Alluring decor, even rough, tumble and distressed, will be essential. Expect more steampunk than tropical. As more diners host family parties at restaurants, tables will be bigger, and more dishes from appetizers to roasts will be served “for the table.”


Fewer Dinner Tables — Or None

Dining rooms will be smaller and open fewer nights as more diners eat take-out or delivery at home. Some restaurants will go “headless” without any sit-down service. New Outback & Carrabba’s Express locations have one kitchen dishing out both menus in to-go containers.


Bowling Strikes

Diners will rediscover soup, an unsung triumph of many kitchens. It will join the endless foods in bowls that need no fork: Tuna poke, ramen, eggs and grits, cereal, acai, hummus and health meals. Look for spoon-free eating, too, like cereal milkshakes.

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