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Start Strong

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| 4/21/2017

On any given day in America, hundreds of men and women stare at computer screens, wait tables, push mops, climb ladders, assemble widgets – in short, perform whatever tasks their jobs require — and wish they had the money … or the skills … or, most importantly, the courage … to start a business of their own.

Many never get beyond the wishing stage. But the fact that you picked up a copy of Florida Small Business says you just might. Longing to be your own boss is an important first step. Next comes a whole lot of thinking, planning and plain old-fashioned paperwork. You can succeed in business, but not, as the title of that familiar Broadway musical would have you believe, “without really trying.”


Do you have the goods?

What does it take to succeed in a business of your own? If you answered “money,” you’d be right — but only partly. Right now, when your desire to start a business is still only a wish, it’s more important to determine if you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Based on its study of 2,500 U.S. entrepreneurs, research firm Gallup Inc. identified 10 personality traits that successful business owners share. They are: business-focused; confident; creative; delegators; determined; independent; knowledge-seekers; promoters; relationship-builders; and risk-takers.
If your personality is strong in these areas, you’ll probably succeed as an entrepreneur. If not, then maybe it’s time to re-think your future. And if you aren’t quite sure, try answering these questions:

• Am I a self-starter?

• Do I enjoy challenges?

• How do I handle setbacks?

• What talents and skills do I bring to the table?

• Why am I doing this, really?

Honest answers may suggest that starting a business is not the right choice for you. Conversely, you may uncover qualities you didn’t know you have that make business ownership a wish worth fulfilling.

You may discover that starting a business is not the right career path for you. Or, conversely, that business ownership is a dream worth pursuing. If so, let’s get started.

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