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The Green Advantage

Lynda Keever, Publisher
Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife and natural environment, and many of Florida’s CEOs embrace the state’s environmental values and recognize that their approach toward the environment plays a major role in their success.

Respondents in this year’s Florida CEO Trends survey report that they have adopted a wide range of sustainability, or “green,” principles, including energy efficiency (62%), waste reduction (47%), water conservation (24%), green building (22%), living wages (14%) and green fleet management (12%).

Sustainability and green policies are being adopted by corporations in all sectors of Florida’s economy. Fully 100% of CEOs in agribusiness, energy, government, hospitality, manufacturing, media and transportation have adopted at least one such policy. Companies with the highest average number of sustainability policies are in hospitality, education and energy.

Florida’s CEOs are also incorporating social responsibility into their management team. Half of all CEOs in the survey say they have a point person in their company for these issues. Fifteen percent have published a “Corporate Social Responsibility” report in addition to or as part of their annual reports.

Florida Trend reported on the state’s growing green consciousness in February 2007 with a cover story on green building practices. In our recent Industry Outlook (January 2008) we took a look at green efforts in 13 economic sectors. In the upcoming edition of Florida Small Business, we’ll profile successful small firms that offer green services and products ranging from an organic pizza company that makes its deliveries in hybrid vehicles to a firm that recycles construction waste.

For the past two years, Florida Trend has partnered with Sustainable Florida-Collins Center to publish a special section promoting sustainable practices. This year we are expanding our focus with an even larger special section titled “The Green Advantage” for Florida Trend’s September issue.

The section will include a special report from Sustainable Florida-Collins Center highlighting sustainable development efforts and advancing the organization’s mission to promote our state’s economic, environmental and social future. It will also recognize the 2008 Best Practices Award winners and examine challenging issues facing Florida.

The Green Advantage will be a great resource for corporate decision-makers who are concerned about their companies’ environmental impact and policies. The advertising section will feature green services and products offered by builders and developers, community planners and designers, energy producers, environmental consultants, engineers and scientists, landscape architects, legal firms, manufacturers, recyclers, transportation planners and engineers and waste management firms.

Each issue of Florida Trend is read by 219,000 top executives, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, including 15,000 out-of-state readers with a proven interest in Florida. And many of them are looking for services and resources to help them deal with sustainability issues in a positive way. Send me an e-mail to find out how advertising in this special section can help you reach these prime business prospects who see the advantage in going green.

This summer, Sustainable Florida will present the 10th Annual Best Practice Awards in several categories to deserving business, government and non-profit organizations. Winners will be honored by a resolution from the governor and Cabinet. Nominate a client, a business partner or your own initiative. Nominations are due April 10. Download a nomination packet at sustainableflorida.org.