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Arts and the Environment

Ecoart example: Biosculpture in Dreher
Park, West Palm Beach, by artist team
Jackie Brookner and Angelo Ciotti.
For more information: www.jackiebrookner.net

SFEAP Inc. (South Florida Environmental Art Project) is involved in helping South Florida become a center for ecoart. Ecoart is a practice that weds art with science, engineering, and community engagement to address environmental problems where they occur directly in our communities and natural areas. The nonprofit organization was launched in 2008 and now has a Board and Advisory Committee of 30 leaders in several related disciplines. The SFEAP website has a wealth of information about the definition of ecoart and its roots in recent contemporary art movements and environmental activism and advocacy.
SFEAP’s most important task is to expand the community of South Florida-resident artists involved in ecoart practice. To date there are only two such artists in all of South Florida: Michael Singer of Delray Beach (www.michaelsinger.com) and Xavier Cortada of Miami. SFEAP works closely with both Singer and Cortada, and both are very supportive of efforts to educate South Florida citizens and artists about the many significant advantages ecoart can bring to environmental amelioration and advocacy. Xavier serves on SFEAP’s Board of Directors. ?
In April, SFEAP teamed with the Arts Council of Martin County to launch Ecoart Treasure Coast, the first fielding of SFEAP’s pilot community ecoart education and artist apprenticeship. A description of this exciting project can also be found here. The Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties has funded the basics of Ecoart Treasure Coast for two years. By 2015 SFEAP expects that this program will have been fielded in each of South Florida’s watersheds, and that close to 30 South Florida-resident artists will have been through our apprenticeship program, and a significant community of artists engaged in environmental improvement and encouragement of citizen stewardship will have been established in our region.