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Miami / Los Angeles - quintessentially.com

Quintessentially, a private members club, can arrange African safaris.

Quintessentially operates in 64 cities around the world and has several levels of memberships and services. But not just anybody can sign up for these privileges. It's a private members club, says Natalia Sanchez, who heads the Miami office. "Each potential member is interviewed in person or via telephone and has to be approved by the board."

Price for services : $1,500 annually for a general membership, for things like last-minute restaurant reservations, travel arrangements, babysitters and even plumbers; $5,000 to $7,000 for a dedicated membership, which includes discounts, exclusive access and advanced notice of upcoming events; and $20,000 for an invitation-only elite membership, which "caters to every whim 24 hours a day."


Millionaire's Concierge
Fort Lauderdale - millionairesconcierge.com

$7,850 for a one-hour flight

When Doug Turner was working at the Auto Toy Store selling $400,000 exotic cars, wealthy customers would come in and ask him if he knew where to charter a racing boat or get the best meal in town. He'd happily send them to the right place. "Then in 1996, my mom said, ‘Why don't you start a business?' So I did," Turner says. Today, his list of services includes pretty much anything his clients can come up with. One of his most popular offerings is a fighter jet experience, which runs $7,850 for one hour.

Clientele: "Mostly executives and CEOs and guys' wives calling to get their husbands a birthday or anniversary gift."

Price for services: $500 and up


Premier Concierge Services
Tampa Bay / New York City - premierconciergeservices.com

Jodi Jacolow
Jodi Jacolow started her company 10 years ago under the name of Just Ask Jodi. Once she had too many clients to handle alone she expanded the business, eventually opening an office in New York. "Ninety percent of the business I get is through referrals and word of mouth," she says.

Price for services: $45 per hour on an a la carte basis

Oddest request: "I had a client with a pet alligator who hired me to help design an alligator habitat. Another, a pro athlete, had me hand carry his Super Bowl ring and fur coat to a different state when he got traded."