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Algae Contenders


CEO: Nick VandenBrekel

FOUNDED: In 2010 in Orlando

M.O.: Fast-grows algae using a proprietary food mix, then processes it into a pure vegetable oil that can be refined, via another proprietary process, into fuel and omega-3 “fish oil.”


CEO: Victor Garlington

FOUNDED: In 2010 in Sarasota

M.O.: Dries algae into a powder that can be used to fuel jet engines.


CEO: Paul Woods

FOUNDED: In 2006 in Bonita Springs

M.O.: Photo-biorectors generate ethanol from algae, CO2 and seawater.


CEO: G. Thomas Bland Jr.

FOUNDED: In 2000 in Orlando

M.O.: Generates biomass, including algae, as it removes phosphorus, nitrogen and other pollutants from surface waters with a patented biological process.


CEO: John S. Scott

FOUNDED: In 2006 in Melbourne

M.O.: Grows specially bred species of algae in tubes and ponds; converts algae to fuel by drying, fermenting and refining it.