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Bravery. A powerful element in fighting cancer.

When Pamela Klein discovered she had a rare form of lung cancer, being around for her family was all that mattered. After learning the survival rates for her specific cancer, she knew more had to be done. Pamela’s doctor referred her to Florida Cancer Specialists where she was put on a targeted therapy trial. In 2016, 84% of the cancer drugs approved for use in the U.S. were studied in clinical trials at Florida Cancer Specialists prior to approval. Within months of her treatment, Pamela’s health dramatically improved, proving when hope and science join forces, great outcomes happen.

“My doctors at Florida Cancer Specialists and the clinical trials they offer are the reason I’m here today.”

Pamela Klein, Patient & Lung Cancer Survior

Pamela Klein’s Story of Hope

Before Pamela came to Florida Cancer Specialists, people encouraged her to go to an out-of-state academic cancer center far away. But when Pamela thought about spending nights in hotel rooms with her two teenage boys back home, she knew that just wasn’t an option. Her desire to stay close to home led her to a nearby Florida Cancer Specialists office where they had a clinical trial specific to Pamela’s rare gene mutation.

Pamela began treatment at Florida Cancer Specialists and since she was only gone for an hour or two, she could still be home in time for dinner with her family. Best of all, she was participating in a clinical trial to treat her very rare form of cancer. Her desire to stay close to her husband and sons led Pamela to a Florida Cancer Specialists office that offered exactly what she needed.

“When I think of clinical trials, I think of research. I think of new treatments that are better for you and more effective. I think of hope,” she says.

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