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Wednesday's Afternoon Update

The Obamacare paradox in Florida

In the first year of “Obamacare,” Florida led the nation in having the most new private health insurance enrollees per capita, yet the Sunshine State still has one of the nation’s highest percentages of uninsured More at Miami Today.

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Entrepreneurship the answer for some with autism

One in 68 people have some form of autism, according to government figures, and a growing movement to find work for autistic people is helping some start their own businesses. More at the AP and WTOP.

Florida groups form pension reform coalition

Editor's Page
The highs and lows of marijuana acceptance

mark howard
My ultimate concern about Amendment 2 is whether we’re lying to ourselves about what the amendment is about. Is it really about medicine and compassion, or is it a roundabout way of moving the boundaries of permissiveness?

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Florida's influential business advocates and policy groups have formed Taxpayers for Sustainable Pensions, a coalition dedicated to achieving municipal pension reform. The groups convened in Tallahassee to announce their commitment to reforming taxpayer-funded government pensions to ensure funding and long-term sustainability. More from Florida TaxWatch.

Commentary: Carving up habitat can do long-term ecological damage

In a column for the Miami Herald, Jack Payne, Senor Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Florida, explains why scientists are analyzing grasshoppers in Miami-Dade's delicate pine rockland habitat. Proposed development in the endangered habitat may impact many more species than just the grasshopper, which is what scientists want to understand. More from the Miami Herald.

SeaWorld stock tanks as it reports disappointing earnings

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. reported a disappointing second quarter today, with earnings missing analysts' estimates and revenue falling at its parks. Stock was down 24 percent in pre-market trading this morning. Profit was $37.3 million, or 43 cents per share, for the quarter. More at the Orlando Sentinel.

Work/Life Balance
Digital Detox

digital detox Picture this. You return from your vacation well rested, and want to continue some of the healthy habits -- like not sleeping with your smartphone on your pillow. But how does that work when you’ve been tethered to your phone, and your coworkers and boss expect you to answer 24/7 because that’s what you’ve always done?

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