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Tuesday's Daily Pulse

Florida first in foreclosures for eighth straight month

Despite a 30 percent drop in overall foreclosure activity in May compared to last year, Florida maintained its first-place ranking nationally for foreclosures _ a title it’s held for eight consecutive months. One in every 436 Florida homes had a foreclosure filing on it in May, which is nearly three times the national average. [Source: Palm Beach Post]

Florida tops the list of most stressed-out states

For many people Florida is a place to kick back, relax and leave worries behind, but for the millions of people who live in the Sunshine State year-round, things aren't always that easy. Real estate blog Movoto gathered data to determine which state's residents are the most stressed out and Floridians topped the list. More from the Orlando Sentinel and the Tampa Bay Times.

Homebuyers still frustrated by lack of quality listings

In South Florida real estate circles, 2014 was supposed to be the year of the listing. A shortage of homes for sale dogged the market in 2012 and 2013, but more owners were expected to test the waters this year and give formerly frustrated buyers new hope. It didn't really happen. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Doctors’ dilemma: Physicians weigh ways to thrive economically

Today, physicians are as much business people as healers, hamstrung by rising staffing and technology costs, increased paperwork demands by the government, stratospheric malpractice premiums and limited reimbursements from muscle-flexing insurance companies. [Source: Miami Herald]

The quest to save Florida's orchids from extinction

In the 1800s, Florida's native orchids filled the everglades and trees with pink, orange, and white petals. But once the railroads arrived in the latter part of the 19th century, orchids were plucked from their roots and shipped north for sale. People believed that the supply of this awe-inspiring plant was endless. [Source: The Week]


› Supreme Court Turns Down Florida Tobacco Cases
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to take up appeals filed by tobacco companies in 10 Florida lawsuits filed by sick smokers or their family members.

› Restaurants turn to online ordering
Kamilah Jolly likes restaurant food, but she'd rather eat it in her living room. If an eatery allows her to order online, even better. "It makes your life so much easier," said Jolly, 32, an Orlando attorney. "I think it's something more restaurants should offer." Many chains are heeding that call.

› Beach renourishment to invade Gulf beaches
Sections of beach all along the Gulf Coast are set to be blocked off just as summer beach season gets underway. It's set to start in just a few weeks. There will be bulldozers, pipes and 24/7 workdays with hundreds of feet of beach off limits.

› 'Dr. Short Sale' will see you now
Realtor Eric Greenstein of Sarasota has come up with a method for handling short sales that he says has a 90 percent lender approval rate and processes deals in an average of eight to 12 weeks rather than the six-month wait that has become the standard.

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› Capital One reportedly ending sponsorship of Orlando bowl game
Orlando’s Capital One Bowl may lose its title sponsor, but its partnership with ESPN should minimize the impact of the change. Capital One is reportedly ending its sponsorship of Orlando’s top bowl as part of a bigger bowl sponsorship shakeup.

› Supreme Court: BP Must Pay Claims During Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court says BP must continue paying claims from a fund established after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill while the company appeals terms of its settlement with some businesses.

› Vitamin Shoppe buys Miami Lakes-based Nutri-Force
MBF Healthcare Partners, a South Florida healthcare-focused private equity firm, announced Monday the sale of one of its portfolio companies, FDC Vitamins doing business as Nutri-Force Nutrition, to Vitamin Shoppe, a multi-channel specialty retailer of nutritional products.

› Manufacturing jobs on the rise in South Florida
More people are finding manufacturing jobs in South Florida, sometimes because of a company's rising global sales. Bolton Medical, a stent-maker in Sunrise, received FDA approval in 2012 of its thoracic stent used for minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms and ulcers.