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Monday's Afternoon Update

The manufacturing comeback of 'Made in USA'

With labor costs rising in China, U.S. companies are taking a second look at operations and incorporating more domestic production. Now in a twist on "Made in USA" and the larger reshoring movement, more small to mid-sized U.S. businesses are making and exporting goods as part of their growth strategy. More at CNBC.

Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida Business
Checklist for building a compelling value proposition

The definition of value and its everyday use seems to stump even great businesses. Many people say that it’s really about the perception of value received. But, this is where the trouble begins. Many times what a company perceives as its offering’s value is very different from what the target audience actually perceives. Read Ron Stein's full column.

It's National Small Business Week: Why you (yes, you!) should care

Business Profile

Taking Trendy to a level of ‘greatness'

Since Augi Lye and Jeremy Stieglitz founded Trendy Entertainment in 2009, the company has sold more than 5 million downloads of its "Dungeon Defenders" video game and it has grown to more than 50 employees.

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It's a good time to revisit just how crucial a role small business plays in the U.S. economy. Despite the rise of mega-retailers and giant conglomerates small businesses are an important source of job creation and healthy economic growth. More at Business News Daily.

Gov. Scott to approve 3 sales tax holidays

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is signing a bill that would create three sales tax holidays this year. Scott is scheduled to sign the bill during a visit Monday to the annual Governor's Hurricane Conference. More at the AP.

LAST impressions are important too!

So many businesses go out of their way to make sure their first impressions are great but forget how important last impressions are. Last impressions are how customers decide if they will continue doing business with you, so I think last impressions are more important than first impressions in many ways. Read more from Jerry Osteryoung.

Florida Small Business
Intellectual Property

miami world cupIt's important for businesses small and large to know how to secure their intellectual property. Patents, trademarks and copyrights protect your invention or product.

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