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Healthcare’s hidden costs

As hospitals consolidate into mega health systems, buying physician practices and building urgent care centers and outpatient clinics miles from their main campuses, patients are discovering that – just like baggage fees for air travel and convenience surcharges for concert tickets — some healthcare comes with hidden costs: facility fees. [Source: Miami Herald]

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Inflation in Venezuela
The Venezuelan government has ordered retailers to lower prices, forcing some to sell below cost.

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Economic ripples from Venezuela to Florida

A currency crackdown, surging inflation and government interference in pricing in Venezuela are likely to spill over into Florida’s economy. Exports from Florida to Venezuela are also expected to drop. Access story here.

'Boomerang' buyers getting another chance at homeownership

Many homeowners snared in the housing collapse thought they'd never own again – or at least have to wait a decade or longer to even think about it. Instead, Florida lenders and real estate agents say many former homeowners are recapturing the American Dream, as "boomerang buyers." [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Architects engineer a comeback as construction revives

Florida added 7,000 architectural and engineering jobs between December 2012 and December 2013, state data show — a 10 percent jump and the fourth best of all industries. (The top three: building materials suppliers, heavy construction and —probably unrelated — hobby, book and sporting goods stores.) [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Polishing the American Dream

Many Vietnamese are following a path well known to South Florida’s Latin American and Caribbean immigrant populations, carving out an entrepreneurial niche as they seek prosperity for their families. In South Florida — and across the nation — many Vietnamese have landed jobs in the nail salon industry. [Source: Miami Herald]


› Yet another Florida nuclear plant may be in trouble
More than 3,700 tubes that help cool a nuclear reactor at Florida Power & Light's St. Lucie facility exhibit wear. Most other similar plants have between zero and a few hundred.

› Orlando's small factories create jobs, lift economy
Since the Great Recession, Metro Orlando has jumped past Miami to second place after Tampa-St. Petersburg among Florida's metro areas for factory employment, state labor figures show.

› Growing search for oil near Everglades raises environmental concerns
An intense search for black gold at the western edge of the Everglades is raising hopes and fears of an emerging oil boom. Energy companies are preparing to use new drilling and testing techniques to explore vast deposits that happen to lie beneath some of South Florida's most cherished environmental treasures.

› Boca Raton venture capital group to host first expo
There’s a new venture capital expo coming to South Florida on Wednesday, the first ever for the Boca Raton-based Gold Coast Venture Capital Association.

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› Consultant blamed for Florida's bungled jobless website won another contract
The vendor blamed for the website that locked thousands of Floridians out of their unemployment benefits was awarded a $31.6 million contract by another state agency, despite being significantly underbid.

› Scuba dive operators see business rebound in improving economy
Five years ago, talk of "diving'' among scuba diving outfitters had as much to do with their revenues as it did their underwater adventures. But as the economy has continued to improve in the past year, so has the scuba business.

› Switching it up to connect startups to big customers
It’s usually the startups that are taking the stage at pitching contests and demo day events, managing their nerves while hoping their presentations will catch the attention of potential investors, partners or customers. But SwitchPitch, a new event that came to Miami, turned that upside down.

› Pinellas officially a 'high tourism impact' county thanks to strong 2013 bed taxes
The good news, long expected by tourism officials, is finally official: Pinellas County has become Florida's sixth "high tourism impact" county. Pinellas collected $31.8 million in tourist development taxes in calendar year 2013.