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Thursday's Afternoon Update

American dream seen as out of reach

Racing into a new century in which many of the old rules don’t seem to apply anymore, Americans are overwhelmingly pessimistic about their chances of achieving and sustaining the American dream, according to a new Marist-McClatchy Poll. They see an economic system in which they have to work harder than ever to get ahead, and a political system that’s unresponsive to their needs. They see the wealthy allowed to play by a different set of rules from everyone else. More at McClatchy.

Q&A on Common Core as state leaders get ready to vote on revised standards

The state Board of Education is to meet in Orlando on Tuesday to consider a revised version of Common Core, the controversial academic standards Florida adopted in 2010. Here are some common questions and answers about Common Core from the Orlando Sentinel.

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Partnering to build a road in Southeast Florida

Wildlife Business

Officials: Bear complaints require more money

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In the wake of the worst bear attack on a human in Florida history, state wildlife officials are asking the Legislature for a half-million dollars to help them respond more quickly to complaints about bears.

"This will give us more boots on the ground and more equipment to deal with bear issues," Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission executive director Nick Wiley said Wednesday.

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The four-year expansion of I-595 creates three tolled, reversible express lanes that will separate long-distance commuters from more local traffic for the length of the ride. The public-private partnership came through necessity. Read more...

UF to debut Doctor of Business program

The Hough Graduate School of Business at the Warrington College of Business Administration is launching a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in August. The DBA is a professional doctorate that stresses the application of theory to practical business issues. More at the North Central Florida Business Report.

South Florida's boat show circuit begins with Miami event

South Florida's boat show circuit kicks off Thursday with two major events in Miami-Dade County and organizers and exhibitors are hoping 2014 will bring continued sales improvements in a rebounding economy. More at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Out of the Box

robocopA group of students and researchers at Florida International University in Miami took part in a demonstration on Wednesday to show a prototype of their version of a RoboCop that will allow disabled police and military personnel get back into the workforce, school officials said.

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