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Florida Tech's natural niche

For three decades, marine researchers from the Melbourne-based Florida Institute of Technology have used a former U.S. Air Force radar tracking station on a four-acre site in Indian River Shores in Indian River County as a lab. Now the university wants to raise $10 million to build a world-class education, research and outreach center there dedicated to the lagoon.

Other regional players and newsmakers mentioned in this roundup:

Stephen E. Hare, Mike Newman, Deb O'Connor, Cheryl Scully

Office Depot, Global Tower Partners, TLO, Kolter Group, Florida Atlantic University, Konover South, Keolis Transit Services, All Aboard Florida, Prolexic Technologies, former Trump Hotel, Saveology, PeakVision Sports Eyeware, Float-On, Esperante office tower, Security Networks, Cleveland Clinic Florida and Atlass Insurance Group

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