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Monday's Afternoon Update

Campaign Aims to Increase Sales of Florida Food

A new marketing campaign is launching across Florida to encourage more residents to buy produce and seafood from the Sunshine State. The Florida Department of Agriculture launched the campaign last week with a series of television commercials that will air on network and cable television in the state's 10 media markets. More at the AP.

Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida business
How to build an irresistible brand

Your business has a brand. Do you know what it is? If you never really thought about what your brand stands for and how your audience experiences your brand, then it’s time to hit the reset button. Read Ron Stein's full column.

Home lending rebound leaving minorities behind


Power Move

As part of the largest construction plan in its history, Gulf Power is replacing an existing transmission line with a more powerful strand along a 25-mile stretch from Laguna Beach to Santa Rosa Beach. The construction includes relocating more than 20 osprey nests to platforms the utility built atop 60-foot wooden poles nearby.

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On a day when many celebrate the life of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and reflect on the numerous gains by African-Americans since King's demise, one significant disparity remains: home lending. More at the South Florida Business Journal.

Small Business Advice
Flood of email demands good management

I think most of us would agree that the vast number of emails we receive every day has become a bit overwhelming. Many executives get upwards of 500 emails a day. While technology has provided some help with managing our inboxes, this problem seems to be getting worse with time rather than better. Read more from Jerry Osteryoung.

Florida is fighting back against obesity rates

Florida health officials are launching a new program aimed at curbing alarming obesity rates in the state. State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong says "the top public health threat to our future is weight." He said two-thirds of Floridians will be obese by 2030 if they don't make changes. More at the AP.

Development Hurdles

scripps floridaIn 2004, Scripps ran into a torrent of opposition from environmental groups when it announced plans to build its Florida campus on a 1,900-acre Palm Beach County site called Mecca Farms. Environmental groups argued a superior site for Scripps was in Palm Beach Gardens at a site known as the Briger tract, a 682-acre parcel straddling I-95 that was hemmed in by development. That was then.

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