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Technology to play a bigger role in health care

It's looking to be the year of the consumer in health care, say leaders and visionaries in the industry. New technology, changes in the market and the Affordable Care Act will allow more consumers to bid good-bye to some of the most frustrating parts of a troubled-health-care system. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

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Gov. Scott: Expand back-to-school sales tax holiday

Florida’s popular back-to-school sales tax holiday could last longer and cover more expensive items. Gov. Rick Scott on Friday called for extending the late summer sales tax holiday from its current three days to 10 days — which means it would cover two weekends. [Source: AP]

South Florida lures more corporate headquarters

Lured by the sun, low taxes and a diverse workforce, an increasing number of companies are setting up corporate headquarters in South Florida. Eighteen corporate headquarters have expanded or moved to Broward and Palm Beach counties since the recession officially ended in 2011. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Florida Legislature may back in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants

While the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature has rejected similar bills for the past decade, there is reason to believe this year might be different: Republican House Speaker Will Weatherford has pledged his support. [Source: Times/Herald]

State to pay workers whose jobless benefits have been delayed

State officials announced Saturday they will pay thousands of unemployed Florida workers who have had benefits delayed more than seven days because of technical glitches with a new government website. The announcement came after federal labor officials arrived in Tallahassee on Friday at the behest of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]


› Big job ahead at FAU: New president faces several challenges
As the new president of Florida Atlantic University, John Kelly will be charged with turning around an institution that has become better known in recent years for its setbacks than successes.
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› Advocates say canal project improving Florida Bay
Environmental advocates say a major Everglades restoration project is exceeding expectations after its first year of operations. The so-called C-111 Spreader Canal opened in January 2013. It was designed to plug an existing canal and keep millions gallons of water from seeping out of Everglades National Park.

› Gay issues may rise in governor's race
This may be the year that gay political clout comes out of the closet in a Florida governor's race. Gay activists and others sympathetic to their causes are eyeing the 2014 governor's race as an opening.

› Jacksonville company explores unmanned aircraft market
The small, remote-control helicopters hovering in a conference room took on the look of fun flight at a hobby store. But when mounted with video cameras and with further development by a Jacksonville company and others, the aircraft could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in new commerce for Florida.

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› History predicts obscurity for Florida's new lieutenant governor
Carlos Lopez-Cantera is at the peak of his political career, but for the next few years, he may be headed for political obscurity. That's what usually happens to lieutenant governors in Florida.
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› Craft breweries increasing in South Florida
South Florida is known for its vibrant social scene, but when it comes to craft beer, it's late to the party. Craft breweries already have a strong presence on the west coast of the country. Although South Florida is just making an entrance, it's not doing so quietly.

› EDC program helps small business get share of key government contracts
TJR Electronics LLC had a couple of serious competitors when it was vying for a $4 million contract for antenna systems for U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels. TJR won the contract and its president, John Rizzo, gives a new program offered by the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast partial credit for its success in securing the deal.

› Renaming ‘Common Core’ standards does little to end education debate
The state education department tried to distance itself from the controversial Common Core State Standards last week by recommending changes to the benchmarks and giving them a new name.